The intellectuals and politicians with Modi Phobia are losing their temper in such a way that they themselves do not understand where they are going, their interests are being benefited by the country or their harm. The way the Madamastal pagal elephant starts to crush innocent people by losing a sweet smell, the same activity is of the above politicians and intellectuals.

The way in which Dragan and Pak Putin are traveling with India and with the defense deals being carried out by the PM Modi’s government, in the same way, Rafael is reluctant to make a deal for the deal, some selfish intellectuals with Modi Phobia And politicians

Surprisingly, due to the fact that Modi has suffered from Phobia, the alleged Navaratna Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha of Atal ji also hold the hand of Bharat Bhushan, who is a supporter of counting on this issue on Kashmir’s independence / opinion. Today’s news is that they are going to meet the CBI on the Rafael deal.

In this editorial, I will discuss the responsibility of the country which has shown the mirror to the Supreme Court and the alleged intellectuals on the Rohingya issue.

The Supreme Court has dismissed the petition to stop 7 Rohingya intruders being sent back to Myanmar from India. On being told by the central government that Myanmar-in-Rohingya is ready to take back the infiltrators, the Supreme Court was not ready to hear the matter. Let us tell you that Prashant Bhushan told the Supreme Court that there should be a sense of responsibility for protecting Rohingya’s right to life. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said in a tone that we know our responsibility and nobody needs to remind it. Actually these 7 Rohingya had entered India in 2012 and they were found guilty under the Foreign Act.

However, after the petition was rejected, Prashant Bhushan went down and tried to educate the Supreme Court and said that there should be a feeling of responsibility for protecting the right of Rohingyas. On this, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi showed him a mirror and said that we are fully aware of our responsibility regarding the right to life and nobody needs to remind it.

Significantly, the leftist brigade wants that Rohingya intruders in any way should stay in India. Their intent is that these intruders should also be given citizenship of the country and the fundamental rights of the Indian citizens should be divested. Although the Modi government has repeatedly made it clear that Rohingyas who have entered illegally in India will be sent back in every situation.

Government of India believes that Rohingya refugees can prove to be a serious threat to the country’s internal security system. There are several government claims that can not be ruled out.

Connection to al-Qaeda: Wire associated with Rohingya terrorists

Rohingyas linked to militants in Delhi, Jammu, Hyderabad and Mewat have been caught. Radicals, which are considered to be closely related to Islamist Islam. Al-Qaeda terrorist who was trained in terror for Rohingya was also arrested from Delhi.

The government believes that strings of Rohingya refugees can be linked to many major terrorist organizations. The possibility of a relationship with the Rohingya of ISIS, which has become a global problem, is not baseless.

The arrests that took place in the terrorist incident in Buddhist city show that they were Rohingya Muslims and their intention was to kill the Dalai Lama.

Pakistan is giving these Rohingyas support Rohingya blames terror in Myanmar

Most Rohingya Muslims are originally from Bangladesh and they were living in Myanmar illegally. During the military rule of 1962 to 2011, the government was punched by Rohingya, Rohingya Muslims got involved in terrorism after change of democracy. Clearly, when Myanmar is acting as a threat to Rohingya as a threat to its security system, why Rohingya refugees will not be in danger of security of any other country?

More than 50 Muslim countries deny

The second biggest thing to understand is that Rohingya refugees are Muslim dominated, but more than 50 Muslim countries have refused to give shelter to Muslim-dominated Rohingya refugees.

Some organizations in India are supporting:

There are some organizations in the country that are pressurizing the government to shelter Rohingya refugees. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Chief of Asaduddin Owaisi, the National Conference’s Omar Abdullah and several other regional parties are demanding asylum to Rohingya refugees. Some NGOs are performing demonstrations demanding refuge to Rohingya refugees.

It is worth mentioning that Rohingya has become the basis for vote banks in India.

In this scenario, rejecting the petition of Prashant Bhushan by today’s Supreme Court is such a message that it will help the people of the country to be aware of anti-national forces.