According to Global Fire Power (GFP), an organization that assesses the forces and defense forces of countries around the world, India is at number four in the world in terms of military strength. It is notable that a report had come a few days back in which it was stated that India has emerged as the world’s sixth largest economy in 2017, in which India has left France behind.
Now apart from this, the emergence of an emerging superpower in the world is being revealed by the leaders of the world and the critics of the financial world, the prospect of becoming prime minister of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi again.
South Korea’s President Moon said in New Delhi on July 10, “I am eagerly waiting for Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Korea in 2020 and by then I hope we will continue our close dialogue in various multilateral conferences.”
The Prime Minister will visit Korea only in 2020, while he will win the next Lok Sabha elections in 2020 and he will become the prime minister of India once more. In this way, Moon Jay-in predicted Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister again.
One of America’s top industrialist John Chambers said today, “Your Prime Minister has the ability to do this. I believe that they are taking the country in the right direction. ”
“John Chambers believes that if Narendra Modi does not get a chance to become Prime Minister once again after the Lok Sabha elections next year, then it will be risky for India’s effective development and inclusive growth.
Former CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Cisco Systems Chambers told Indian reporters here that India has an opportunity to become the world’s strongest inclusive growth economy.
Prime Minister Modi’s ability to communicate directly with the people
They have the expertise in using the best of the new media. This direct dialogue with Modi’s general public is that today, there is open and straightforward political dialogue with those people.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi communicates with the public through many non-traditional dialogue mediums. Keep their point in front of them. In recent times, PM Modi talked directly to farmers, central beneficiaries of schemes and new entrepreneurs of Digital India with the help of technology. Today the way a common man is communicating directly with his political masters, he seems very interesting and effective. This is a brand new and extremely effective way of establishing a direct dialogue between the rulers and the public.
This direct dialogue with Modi’s general public is that today, there is open and straightforward political dialogue with those people. These are those people who are important in the election. Not only the common man, but also in the interaction with the people of the upper classes of the society, there is no roll of old medium today.
PM Modi and BJP have prepared a masterplan for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, knowing about which will be the opposition benches. In fact, the opposition Khemka is surrounded by PM Modi. But in view of the general elections next year, PM Modi is going to hold 50 dhundhara rallies in different parts of the country till February 2019.
PM Modi will cover more than 150 Lok Sabha constituencies through these rallies. Apart from this, BJP president Amit Shah and home minister Rajnath Singh and former BJP chief Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj and other senior leaders will also hold 50-50 rallies.
A party leader informed that before the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections, BJP has already covered at least 400 Lok Sabha constituencies through 200 rallies. In addition to these 50 rallies, PM Modi will address rallies in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, where elections are to be held later this year.
On the occasion of 26th of January 2018 on the 69th Republic Day of the country, 10 ASEAN countries were chief guests of Republic Day celebrations.
Today’s news is that this time the Modi government has sent Trump to the invitation and this invitation has been accepted by President of the United States Trump. Hence, this Republic Day will be the main guest.
It is pertinent to say that even though the Congress is preparing to surrender in front of the state with the influence of regional parties in the compulsion, but despite this compulsion of surrendering in the name of preventing Modi, the alliance does not seem to take a strong shape.