How is Rahul Gandhi, the cleric of Hitler’s campaigning minister Goebbels? Apart from this, there is also the fact that Firoz Khan’s grandson Janayogi Rahul Gandhi is actually Hindutvaist?

Janawedi Rahul Gandhi, who is calling himself a Ram devotee, is knocking at the temple-temple door. The Cold Assembly of Parliament is going to be held from December 11. Will Congress take initiative to bring or support the law on Ram Temple?

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has once again given the controversial statement. He said, “Today, a tea chawl has become the Prime Minister because of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.”

On this statement of Shashi Tharoor, the Bharatiya Janata Party has strongly condemned it. Reacting on the alleged statement of Shashi Tharoor about becoming the Prime Minister of a tea-house country because of Nehru, the Bharatiya Janata Party said on Wednesday that Nehru himself became the Prime Minister for the first time with compassion, while Modi was the prime minister getting clear majority from the people’s support.

Now it will be seen that during the election season, Congress Party will suspend Shashi Tharoor from the party because the party had suspended him during the Gujarat elections when Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a lesser one.

The AK Antony Committee had clarified that the reason for the continuous defeat of Congress is that the Congress considers the Janata Muslim Party. To remove this image, Firoz Khan’s grandson Rahul Gandhi has been roaming the temple temple by becoming a Brahminy Jnanewari Brahmin and is calling himself Ram devotee and Shiva devotee.

In the lust of becoming the Prime Minister of Yen-Ken, he is dancing in public eyes. If it is not so, then they should reveal their views regarding Ram temple. In the Supreme Court on the directive of Sonia Gandhi during the UPA rule, the then minister Ambika Soni in the Supreme Court had affirmed by affidavit that Ram is a fictional person, she is not a celebrity. In relation to this affidavit, will Rahul apologize to those who called themselves Hindu Rakshak, Hindutva Wadi Brahmin?

AK Antony Committee had rightly said that Congress is a Muslim party. This is not true right now, but this tradition has been running since 1946.

How did the Maulana Azad and Vallabhbhai Patel not be made the prime minister in the election of the Congress president in 1946, and the description of how Pandit Nehru gave him the opportunity to become the Prime Minister by becoming the president of the Congress? is.

Apart from this, if we talk about Rahul Gandhi’s father, Rajiv Gandhi, to get Hindu vote, he opened the lock in the lap of Ram Lala and on the other hand, the Supreme Court decided in the case of Shahbahan to get votes of Muslims. Was passed a law to overturn it in Parliament

In relation to Pandit Nehru’s secularism, what he has said in his own words gives a glimpse of Nehru Gandhi dynasty’s opportunity. Pandit Nehru had said that he is a born Hindu, a Muslim from the culture and the British with education

If in reality Rahul Gandhi considers himself a Hindu, if he considers Ram as a devotee, then he should take initiative in bringing the law to the Ram temple or supporting it.