On 05 December in Jaipur, Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah held a press conference. In the press conference, he talked about two Issues.

On the Agusta-Westland issue, BJP President Amit Shah said that the opposition has no issue, so speaking on the issue of Christian Michelle. Does the opposition want to save the middleman?

On being questioned, Amit Shah said about Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu that we have never said that Sidhu is unholy, we do not believe that. He said that the Congress should clarify whether Navjot Singh Sidhu had gone to Pakistan with the consent of Rahul Gandhi hugged Bazwa, the Pak army chief there. If such Happened  then it is natural the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad would be shouted in the rally.

What is Sidhu’s Pakistan connection, Crime Branch will investigate: Now, during the visit of the Delhi crime branch Navjot Singh Sidhu to Pakistan, during a visit to Pakistan, investigate the case with several suspects. BJP spokesman Naveen Kumar met the special commissioner of Delhi Police, Rajesh Basti and he has given this complaint to the Crime Branch. The complaint has been lodged by BJP spokesman Navin Kumar.

The big impact of Zee Media news : The slogan Pakistan Zindabad be shouted in Sidhu’s rally in Alwar has had a major impact. In this matter, Rajasthan Election Commission CEO Anand Mumar has summoned the full report and the video.

Congress leader and Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu may be in trouble. CEO Anand Kumar has summoned the report in the case of allegations of sloganeering of Pakistan’s Zindabad in his meeting of Alwar. In the case, he has sought a complete factual report from Alwar collector. Along with this, the video of the alleged gathering has also been ordered. In the matter, CEO Anand Mumar has summoned the video and the complete factual report. After the report comes, the Election Department will decide on the action. It is also verbally told that the police was standing behind Sidhu in the meeting and the voice of the alleged slogan came from behind the gathering.

If the case is found to be more sensitive and suspect, then the entire report and video can be sent to ECI, after which he can take necessary action. It is worth noting that a video was viral in which Siddhu’s meeting was heard by slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. In this, Siddhu has clarified that this video has been edited to spoil his image.

It is worth noting that suspicion is being expressed on this alleged video of Zee News. Similar suspicion was also expressed on the Zee News video related toslogan of AAjadi JNU,but  it was later found to be correct in the investigation.

The second fact is that Sudhir Chaudhary of DNA has detailed the alleged video related to Pakistan Zinderabad slogan. Whether it is a real video or not, it is a matter of investigation but with the discussion of the alleged slogan of Pakistan Zindabad, the events of the slogan are being shown in the media ,in the praise of  Siddhu and Congress and criticizes modi Government by hated words.

Amit Shah had questioned in the Press Conference held in Jaipur whether the opposition wants to save the middleman Michelle? Congress has appointed congress leader Aljon Joseph to defend the declared in a manner that yes, in a way, yes, that the Chopper scandal, Agusta Westland has been accused by Congressman Aljon Joseph the alleged middleman Michelle in a bribe transaction.

We are unable to understand that on the instructions of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, why does the Congress leader’s advocate come forward to defend alleged criminals and organizations involved in anti-India protests? The SIMI was banned in the NDA regime. At that time Salman Khurshid came forward to defend Simi.

The way Sidhu had built bridges in praise of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in his journey to Pakistan just a few days ago and on the contrary, in the rude language for India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, in his election rally in Rajasthan. Similarly when Salman Khurshid had gone to Pakistan, then the praise of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, then the Prime Minister of Pakistan  and he used hated word for the PM of India.

Similarly, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Spokes person of congress and lawyer of Supreme Court , came forward in the court  to defend the arrest of the urban Maoists.

In the presence of Kanhaiya Kumar and Omar Khalid, freedom slogans where shouted in JNU. Immediately after that, Rahul Gandhi reached JNU to pat there backs.

Recently, Justice Kurien Joseph made a allegations own former CJI Deepak Mishra and said that  former CGI Mishra was doing his duty by the presser of external forces. Former Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran, while correcting this question, described the allegations of Kurien Joseph as serious and said that retired judge (Joseph) should be told that on what basis he gave such statements after his retirement.