To launch Rahul Gandhi, one of the many anti-country violent separatist activities under the Congress outward and internal conspiracy, is to create an atmosphere of fear among non-Gujaratis in Gujarat to get them to flee to Gujarat.

With the help of Ampeesh Thakur, Rahul Gandhi, spreading violence in Gujarat, forced the people of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh to go out of Gujarat.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi claimed in the backdrop of the attacks on North Indians in Gujarat that due to the closure of factories in the state, there is a massive unemployment and this is causing frustration and anger among the youth. Gandhi said in the Facebook post, “The industry has become devastated due to poor economic policies, notboths and not implementing GST properly in the whole of Gujarat. As a result, factories and industrial units have been closed, which has created unemployment largely.

This is the kind of mischief to save your throat in the past of violence, as do the Kangaroo of Australia.

In the manner in which the Mani Shankar Aiyar had termed the PM Modi at the time of the previous Gujarat assembly elections, and after that he had expelled Congress from Congress for some time, in the same way, now spreading violence against North Indians. The accused Thakor has been expelled from the Congress.

The surprise is that the Congress has not taken any action on the minor, who has led the violence.

Rahul Gandhi is also saying that the perpetrators of violence should be severely punished.

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said that the Bihar government is in constant touch with the government there. Whatever incident has happened there has been done by the organization of the charge of Bihar Congress, Mr. Ameesh Thakore, and those people have done all this. Congress should act on such people like Ampeesh Thakor. I appeal to the Gujarat Government that such people should immediately be arrested and sent to jail.

We hope that the Gujarat government will arrest and arrest Ampeesh Thakur and try to send him to jail so that the atmosphere is calm.

To be told the truth, the Congress has built Shakti Singh Gohil of Gujarat in charge of Bihar and co-worker of Bihar’s minority, Thayak Thakore under a well-thought-out strategy and conspiracy.

2019 In the round of an increase in 26 seats in Gujarat, Congress has put 149 seats in UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh in crisis.

Following the footprints of Raj Thackeray and Raj Thackeray of Mansa in Maharashtra, the people of other states living in Gujarat have thrown havoc.

It is worth noting that as soon as the Gujarat incident, some activists of Maharashtra’s Mansa had also resorted to an attack on a person outside Maharashtra and had asked other states to go out of Maharashtra.

The workers of UP-Bihar are continuously fleeing from Gujarat. People are saying that they are saying ‘Thakor Sena’ and some of the Patel community are leaving the state to leave the state. Let us tell you that ‘Thakor Sena’ is the organization of Congress legislator, Amrishash Thakore and Alpesh is very close to Rahul Gandhi.

Significantly, 99 percent of Gujarat’s people are from Nationalist ideology. He never supported casteism and provincialism, but today an attempt to defame the entire Gujaratis is being attempted.

BJP spokesman Patra has alleged that the Congress is behind the Mandsaur Movement, Patidar movement and the Bhima Koregaon violence. “Patra targeted Rahul and said that Congress has attacked North Indians in Gujarat only. More than 30 leaders have been arrested in the state for the attack. Patra alleged that Congress workers are agitated for spreading violence at the behest of Rahul and Alaps. Due to the efforts of the state government, water has receded on the consensus of the Congress. It is the main purpose of the Congress party to provoke, fire incidents, dissolve people and spread misconception, and the only goal behind this is Launch Rahul.

In order to launch Rahul, Congress has been conspiring with the Indian enemy’s international powers.

On Sonia Gandhi’s instructions, Iyer went to Pakistan and tried to get help from the ISI to remove the Modi government, and after that, the Chief of the Army Chief of Punjab, going to Pakistan, Sidhu, the Congress government minister of Khalistani terror, on the instructions of Rahul Gandhi. What does sitting beside Bajwa and sitting next to President of PoK show?

To humiliate the Indian army, say our heroic soldiers as rapists and the army chief Rawat is a part of a conspiracy.

In the link between the same internal and external conspiracies, it is also spreading violence in Gujarat through Alpesh Thakor.