Today’s news is that: “Ego of leaders, indiscipline and lobby dominates the Congress”
Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is trying to remove every shortcomings of the party. In this episode, he talked to the telephone from different district presidents two days ago. Most of these leaders have given more or less the same reason. They are the lobby of senior leaders, indiscipline between the cadre and the ego of the leaders.
In this connection, I believe that the main reason for the Congress going to its end is the important and indispensing of Rahul Gandhi itself.
It’s an attempt to discuss this in the editorial.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday assured the workers of Madhya Pradesh that now the parachute workers in the Congress will not get ticket in the elections. Who broke the sticks, fought for Congress, the same in the election …
Replacing the said Uwaach of Rahul Gandhi was done after Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh after Rajasthan.
The blind devotee of the Gandhi family Mani Shankar Aiyar also said that at the time of the congressional election process of Congress President some time ago, there can not be a Congress President as a mother and son (Sonia and Rahul Gandhi).
Shahjad Poonawala, brother of Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law, Jija Vadra of Jija Tehsin Poonawala, against the unconstitutional process of this same family is now a spokesman for the media against him.
To be told the truth, Rahul Gandhi became the parachute and became the president of the Congress.
In the UPA regime, Rahul Gandhi suddenly reached Delhi in the press conference being taken by Ajay Maken in Delhi and then at that time did Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s turban bounce? That is, in the UPA regime, the Ordinance was passed by dividing the copy of the copy of Rahul Gandhi into the air. What could be more indiscipline than this?
It is now necessary to discuss the importance of Rahul Gandhi as well. They advise the workers and senior leaders of Congress and preach but do not implement it themselves: But many of the skilled people in the ministry
One time Rahul Gandhi had said that an earthquake would occur if he was allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha for ten minutes.
But we have seen that his presence has been negligible in the Lok Sabha. He has given the speech very rarely, due to which the earthquake has never come.
Similarly, speaking on the motion of no confidence, he had said that the Prime Minister of India can not get him to the eye. In response to this, Modiji has given good luck.
He went on to declare himself in America that he would be the prime ministerial candidate for Congress in 2019. Similarly, during the Gujarat and Karnataka assembly elections, he also announced this.
After these announcements, the Congress passed the resolution that Congress candidate Rahul Gandhi would be the PM candidate and would not compromise on it. Is this a democratic way?
When the opposition started to oppose this announcement, it was forced to declare Rahul Gandhi that he was approved if Mayawati or Mamta Banerjee would be nominated by the General Body of the PM candidate.
Rahul Gandhi is now keen to become the Prime Minister of Yen-Ken. For this, they are now ready to play in China and Pakistan too.
To mislead the public that they are resorting to lies and fake news. To broadcast this to social media, Rahul Gandhi also stole data from Facebook through Cambridge Analyca.
They should understand the truth that the voters of India have become wiser, now they are going to be trapped in the delusion of these lies and fakes news. It is public that everyone knows …….