Rahul Gandhi and his Congress now have no confidence in themselves nor on voters of India.

Now they have confidence, only on the foreign powers operating in anti-India activities in Pakistan, China and the enemy country of India.

Rahul Gandhi thinks that the lie will be publicized again and people will understand it as true.

Rahul Gandhi was born in Italy. There is also the effect of Italy in their blood. Rahul Gandhi’s maternal grandfather was in Mussolini’s party of Italy. Mussolini was a companion to Hitler. Hitler’s Propaganda Minister was Goebbels. So Rahul Gandhi is a clone of Goebbels.

Rahul Gandhi himself said at the time of the Gujarat assembly elections that no leader of Congress should use abuses against Prime Minister Modi of India. In the same election, Mani Shankar Aiyar called the prime minister low, and Rahul Gandhi had suspended the Congress for a while and then withdrew it to show that seeing his own manhandling was going down.

The question is, does Rahul Gandhi himself do the same type of objection, who will get him from the Congress? People can learn lessons at the time of their election.

Rahul Gandhi’s media campaign chief Divya Pundanan is spreading a lot of false rumors to spread in the social media. He published a picture of Modi ji on Twitter and wrote the thief. After this, Rahul Gandhi removed Divya from the media campaign head on the advice of Jairam King to avoid criticism.

Now the question arises that who will punish Rahul Gandhi by calling him a bad word while doing even more disgusting politics? Voters are those who can punish them.

Rahul Gandhi is now corrupt and Prime Minister of Anil Ambani after the thief has called the prime minister. He did all this in his press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Rahul Gandhi, at the time, walked on the behest of Pakistan and China, spreading false news in a French website that the 10th Aviation had no alternative but to compromise with Reliance Defense.

This report was also published in Navbharat Times. Soon after and a few hours after Rahul Gandhi’s press conference, a news story was published in the Navbharat Times:

Rafael Deal: The new quote after the website’s new disclosure, the choice of Reliance done by itself.

Navbharat Times.com Scholarship: January 11, 2018, 09: 12

It was said in the news that after the new disclosure of France’s Investigative website MediaPart in Rafael Deal, the response of French company Das has been revealed. The company, which gave the Rafael airline to India, while rejecting the report of the website, has said that he had chosen Reliance as a partner of Joint Venture himself. Let us tell you that in the new revelations, the French website has claimed that there was no other alternative than having a settlement with Reliance Defense.

In his explanation on Wednesday, Dewan Aviation said that in order to comply with the Indian rules (defense procurement process) it had to make an offset contract of 50 percent. Das decided to build a joint venture for this. The company further said that Dewi Aviation has independently selected Reliance Group for this. On June 10, 2017, joint venture double Reliance Aerospace Limited (RC) was formed

Follow-up of French Regulation

Das has told that other partnerships have also been signed with companies such as BTSL, Prabhashastas, Kinetic, Mahindra, Ruddhbuddhb, Srunjashvaru. Apart from this, negotiations are going on with 100 other potential partners. The company has said that the French regulation has also been fully followed in this process. Under this, Chief Operating Officer Loik Segalan informed the Central Works Council on the formation of joint venture on May 11, 2017.

In fact, the ruthless attempt to repeal the Rafael Deal on rumors, lies and propaganda is continuing and the international conspiracy has been started to give ‘Rahul Gandhi and Company’. This thing was strengthened when ABP News’s journalist Vikas Bhadauriya tweeted on September 28. He wrote, “Leaders of international arms companies, Amars dealers and two political parties are engaged in defaming the Modi government under international conspiracy to their advantage so that this government repeals the Rafael Deal.”