Nehru-Gandhi dynasty giving birth to PM PM
Who will be Manmohan Manmohan for Rahul?

After insulting Shivalinga by Shashi Tharoor, multiparty Janayoghari Rahul Gandhi went to visit Mahakal in Ujjain to show himself as a devotee. just as well.
Today, BJP’s Chief Spokesperson, Patiala has insisted that Rahul Gandhi should tell his clan?
At the time of Priyanka Gandhi’s wedding, Robert Vadra’s family was told that Priyanka is Catholic Christian. Despite this, the cleric who completed his marital task said that Priyanka would have to complete the process of accepting Christianity again. This was done by Priyanka and they became Priyanka Vadra. But the media still addresses him often by calling Priyanka Gandhi.
When was the son of Feroze Khan (Gandhi), the son of Rajiv Muslims? What is their tribe? Varun declares himself as Varun Firoz Khan Gandhi. Then why Rajiv and why Rahul did not make Pharij Khan in front of his name. Why do they hesitate to say Rahul Firoz Khan Gandhi or Rahul Khan?
Salman Khan’s mother is a Hindu and father is a Muslim, so he calls himself Salman Khan.
Similarly, Sanjay Dutt’s mother was Muslim and father was Hindu, so he has declared himself as Sanjay Dutt.
If there is such a tradition, then have Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhiji or Indira Gandhi declared their names against the said tradition?
It is possible that due to this, the interested parties are interested in knowing Gandhi’s tribe. Rahul Gandhi is a representative of Congress party. The claimant to be the prime minister Therefore, the public has the right to get an explanation from Rahul Gandhi.
This editorial should also remind you that in Nehru Gandhi dynasty or in the Congress it is a tradition that PM has given birth to PM. On the contrary, there is a tradition of BJP. Now it is up to the public that he supports which tradition as democratic.
It is appropriate to briefly discuss this matter in this editorial that the contradictory statement that is being done by the Congress in relation to the claim of the Prime Minister is now being felt that in 2019 anybody can become Prime Minister for Rahul Gandhi is.
But it is now almost clear that the Congress is dependent on the 2004 strategy for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
The Congress is constantly changing its stad on the issue of leadership. In such a situation, the stir between regional parties has increased. The signal is clear that no one can become Manmohan Singh for Rahul Gandhi in the 2019 elections. That is, any leader’s dream of becoming prime minister can be fulfilled.
In 2004, Sonia Gandhi returned to power in Congress To defeat Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sonia did not raise anyone’s name as Prime Minister before elections. After this Congress has ruled for the next << 10 years.
During the 2004 elections, Sonia Gandhi had said that she is not in the prime minister’s race. He also said during this time that many leaders in the Congress are the prime ministerial contenders.
<< Conversation with the media in December 2003 proved to be the turning point for maintaining unity of the opposition. During this, Sonia Gandhi said that who will be the next Prime Minister is not necessarily more important, but the key is that the BJP is defeated.
“BJP is not recognized as Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji or Lal Krishna Advani’s name. The leadership changed but BJP never went on the face.
Gadkari said that those who ruled the country benefited only the families.
Nitin Gadkari said, “None of the family is occupied by the BJP. The BJP does not make political base based on caste, religion and language. This party works on ideas and principles. The BJP is not interested in identifying one of the faces. Not known by the name of BJP Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji or Lal Krishna Advani The leadership changed but the party never went on the face of any face. Today is Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah ji. ”
Bharatiya Janta Party’s leader Gadkari further said that the first Prime Minister gave birth to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister gave birth to the Chief Minister. This has been going on for decades. Democracy had started to end. But the BJP has changed it.