(2) BrahMos missile case: Canada’s ISI agent for 17 million job seekers
Are they related? With the help of the ISI in Punjab, Khalistani terror is gathering again, does the Pakistan visit of Sidhu give some indication on Rahul Gandhi’s instructions after Mani Shankar Aiyar?
Today’s news is that three Kashmiri students arrested in Punjab were terrorists on a 10-day police remand, big blasts on Diwali conspiracy.

Today’s second news is the BrahMos missile case: In Canada, the ISI agent has made a target of 17 lakh jobs.

This means that the ISI has now become the center of anti-India activities in the preservation of the government, which is now its base in Punjab where the Pakistan-backed Congress government is there and along with it is also the baton of the Khalistanis to Canada.

On Modi’s anti-India activities anti-India, PM Narendra Modi told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau quite yesterday, Modi said directly that those who support Khalistan will not be tolerated, India has given a list of Khalistani elements to Canada , Trudeau has assured that action will be taken.

The Khalistan Rebel group is active in Canada and is sympathetic to those groups of Justin Trudo. In foreign media, it is being said that tensions have increased due to increased support towards independent Khalistan in North America in the Government of Canada and India in recent years.

It is worth noting that Mani Shankar Aiyar has gone to Pakistan many times on Sonia Gandhi’s instructions and later on Rahul Gandhi’s instructions, and at that time the poison has been provoked against India’s government against India.

At one point in time, in the interview to TV channel, he had said that he should seek Pakistan’s help, ie ISI, to remove the Modi government.

During the election of the Gujarat Legislature, a conspiratorial banquet was held in the house of Aiyar at that night, Manmohan Singh and Hamid Ansari and others like this were seen in the former Foreign Minister of Pakistan Kasuri and Pak’s ambassador to India.

Immediately after the same night, Mani Shankar Aiyar had called PM Modi lowly as soon as the day came out. After this, he was expelled from Congress by Rahul Gandhi for the show and later he came back again.

After the directives of Rahul Gandhi, Punjab is where the Congress is ruled, and the Khalistani militants are reactivated, the Minister of Navjot Singh Navjot Singh Sidhu went to Pakistan on the invitation of Pakistan’s new-founder Prime Minister Emraan Khan. The time of his visit was the time of national mourning after the death of Atal ji throughout India.

How did Siddhu go to the Army chief’s neck, and sitting next to the president of the POK has discussed this in detail in the media.

It is evident from the fact that ISI is spreading its foot in Punjab and Canada on the initiative of the Congress and the current Prime Minister of Canada with the chairmanship of Rahul Gandhi.

Both the people and the government of India need to be alert to this.