Nobody can do the war, but peace can only sustain impatience: Donald Trump
With the view of atomic bomb, North Korea’s aka is now in the hands of Donald Trump to teach Pakistan a lesson. There is more dangerous Pakistan than North Korea. Hence Pakistan’s Nukath Teeth will not be broken until it is said that without peace of poisonous snake like Pakistan it is difficult to establish peace in the world.

The truth is that if Pakistan had not given nuclear technology to nuclear technology, then it could not even make an atom bomb. But, not only UAR Korea but Saudi Arabia is also thankful to Pakistan. There is no shortage of those who believe that Pakistan has also built an atom bomb for Saudi Arabia. It is said that Pakistan will help Saudi Arabia with the atom bomb in crisis.

Both Pakistanis were made in North Korea. Sunday’s Guardian revealed the shocking disclosure that both nuclear bombs tested by North Korea were made in Pakistan. This disclosure has come to an alliance between the two countries. Significantly, Pakistan has long been accused of selling North American arms to nuclear weapons.

However, this report from the Guardian proved that the news of nuclear cooperation between North Korea and Pakistan is not baseless. At the international level, the fear of being behind Pakistan’s North Korean nuclear program is expressed.

There is no doubt that Pakistan’s hands in Korea’s hydrogen bomb?
Pakhani Hukkam, cleansing the world around the allegations of supporting terrorists, has come under suspicion after North Korea’s hydrogen bomb trial.
Korea launches technical missile from Pak

Korea had signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1985, so he could not develop nuclear weapons. In 1996, he made an agreement with Pakistan, under which Pakistan provided a high level of enriched uranium program in lieu of long distance missile technology.

Abdul Qadir Khan, father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, also sold the design of uranium enrichment centrifuges to North Korea at the same time. In return, through the long-range missile technology from North Korea, Pakistan developed missile gauri from surface to medium surface surface.
About 10 years after the agreement with Pakistan, North Korea conducted the first nuclear test in 2006. Korea also conducted nuclear tests in 2009 and 2013. A UK newspaper had claimed that a senior North Korean official named Abdul Qadir Khan? Writing the letter in 1998, we gave details of the amount given in lieu of centrifugal devices.
According to the newspaper, a former head of the Pakistani army was given $ 3 million in nuclear technology transactions, while $ 5 million was given to a lieutenant general. However, both the army officers dismissed these claims.
Abdul Qadir Khan had also been prosecuted for selling nuclear technology, although in 2004, President General Pervez Musharraf had apologized to him. Korea has been claiming to develop long-range missiles, but it is still skeptical about the fact that it is close to developing the intercontinental ballistic missile.
Musharraf had threatened India, saying that we did not create a nuclear weapon for commemoration of the Shab-e-Barat not to commemorate Joker.
Donald Trump has said today that no one can do the war, but peace can only sustain impatience.
US President Donald Trump has called meeting with Kim Jong-un, the ruler of North Korea in Singapore, as the moment of history. After the meeting on Tuesday, he said, “We are ready to write new history and new chapters. The past can not determine the future. “President Donald Trump further said,” Kim Jong-he has a chance to choose a better future for his country. Nobody can do the war, but peace can only sustain impatience.
Donald Trump wants that now North Korea’s ace bring peace to the world by bringing Pakistan on the right path. As it has been written from the US, the Nuclear Sect was stolen by the United States and the Pak nuclear bomb was completed and this was supplied by Nuclear Sector Technik Pakistan to North Korea. Just as Zia-ul-Haq is a Great Father of Global Jihad, in the same way, the network of atomic bomb technology in Saudi Arabia, North Korea etc. is a world spreading in the world.