Another news is that Sharad Pawar has also announced that he will not be a candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
NCP President Sharad Pawar does not consider the imagination of the Maha coalition as practical. He believes that due to the strength of the regional parties, the alliance does not appear to be practical. Pawar’s political experience and foresight show clearly in his statement.
Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who arrived in Lucknow on Sunday, said that there was a fight between Congress and SP. Both should be self-contemplated. He said that only Modi can not be formed in the name of opposition.
Political Coalition General Agreement:
It has been rightly said that before Maha coalition, the Congress is ready for the ‘Mahabharata’, how will the ‘obstacle-race’
At present, making the Maha coalition for the Congress is seen in the same way as the winning of the 2019 Lok Sabha election on its own.
The big question is, to stop Modi, will TMC and Leftists in West Bengal forget about mutual rigging and come along with the Congress? Will the coalition of DMK and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, Lalu-Nitish in Bihar, Akhilesh-Mayawati in UP and non-Congress regional parties in other states be realized?
Will the Congress and the Left parties fight together against the BJP in Lok Sabha elections? This kind of question is standing in front of Modi phobia leaders. Regarding the states of Bihar, Andhra, Telangana etc.
Strong Opposition in democracy is necessary but will not just become a great coalition in the name of Modi’s opposition, the Maha-coalition to create a situation of a coalition or a civil war.
I would like to discuss this in connection with the secularism of the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Pandit Nehru, having his polymorphic form, became the Prime Minister by dividing the country.
After that, he started dreaming in his heart to make his only daughter, Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister, and in this sense, he started preparing Indira ji (Brahmeshwar). For this purpose, he kept Indira ji separate from her husband, Feroz Ghandhi and kept her with him.
Some developments happened that Lal Bahadur Shastri became the Prime Minister. But it neglected the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. After that Shastri ji was mysteriously murdered in Tashkent. I have discussed this in detail in my book: SadhyabdadgathahlAlhidhaddhadhartha Chhagdatha 111966
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After Shastri’s death, Russian KGB and Indira ji became the Prime Minister with the help of their leftist Lobby.
After his death Pranab Mukherjee was the Prime Minister, but under a conspiracy Rajiv Gandhi was made the Prime Minister.
After the death of Rajiv Gandhi, the alliance’s alliance began as the Congress had lost the absolute majority.
Narasimha Rao became the Prime Minister but the leaders of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty devotee Congress kept stammering.
In this way, we see that there is a Congress in the key point of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, and no member of the Congress and Gandhi dynasty would ever wish that the Congress President or the Prime Minister of India would become second.
This is the reason that in the compulsion, the Congress could have made someone else like Devgowda, Inder Kumar Gujral as the Prime Minister with his external support, but his rule could not last more than a year. This is what happened to his predecessor Chandra Shekhar and others.
Now again discuss the current situation, then the scene of Mahabharata is present before us.
Both Duryodhana and Pandav reached Sri Krishna to get their help. Shri Krishna told both of them that both of them are dear to him. Both of them will not disappoint. On one hand I am myself and on the other side is my very own army. Dudhaydan asked what he wants? Duryodhana sought army from Tattak. The Pandavas happily asked Shri Krishna Ji. The result is what we all know about.
The war of Mahabharata is still being decorated in the field of Kurukshetra in 2019. On one hand, there are Brahmins with their army and with Pandava on the other side with their army. Pandavas, that is, the BJP, ie NDA, is associated with Shri Narendra Modi as Shri Krishna and on the other hand ….
Alliances and alliances are standing Tutukki imposed. Both the UPA and the NDA have formed their own coalition. But the Congress, which is leading the UPA, is in the process of making a grand alliance. I have already talked about how he is losing fame.
Pawar is misguided. Lalu is in jail. Other leaders of the main coalition are on the Bell. The prison is ready to go.
Rahul Gandhi wants to become the Prime Minister of Yen-Ken. For this, he has made the International Coalition with the help of India’s enemy China and Pakistan.
The manner in which the jackal sees himself as a lion, it is the same story of Rahul Gandhi. They became polynomials, like Hindu Hindu Nehru, with heart, as a Muslim and an Englishman, he kept a pundit in front of his name, in the same way, Rahul is now nominated as a Narmada devotee after Ram and Shivbhak in his poster in Madhya Pradesh elections.
Democracy vs. Familyism has taken the form of the Lok Sabha election of 2019. There is a democratic BJP on the one hand and on the other side there are non-democratic family parties. W