Today’s meeting of the National Executive of the Janata Dal United Nations ends in Delhi. Some decisions were taken in it. These decisions have been expressed in various newspapers by different newspapers. According to some newspapers, Nitish has shocked the BJP. According to other newspapers, he has decided to stay with the NDA. According to some newspapers, they are in a state of indecision.

According to some newspapers, JDU will contest separately from the BJP in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the assembly elections are going to be held later this year. In this way, according to those newspapers, JDU has shocked the BJP.

But according to me, the said decision of JDU will be helpful to the BJP. Because JDU has no special effect in these provinces. By registering his presence, he will vote for the anti-BJP Congress.

As we have seen, the Congress President and other leaders of the provinces were being invited to compromise with the BSP because they are afraid that the Congress will have to suffer loss due to non-Congress with the BSP. If this is true then it is also true that if JD (U) will contest elections separately then the BJP will have to be elected and the Congress will lose the damage.

Another decision is to resist the Citizenship Amendment Bill in Assam. This decision has been made to please his Muslim vote bank. This will not harm the BJP.

JDU’s image has been greatly damaged by JDU’s leader Tyagi and other leaders who have come out with contradictory statements. Therefore, the Janata Dal United Party has decided in the meeting of the National Executive on Sunday that it has authorized its President and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to decide the party’s stand on various political issues including the upcoming assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

Subhash Pipalani has correctly commented in the Navbharat Times that if the Janata Dal United left the BJP, then he would not be home.

JDU has also agreed on the proposal of Modi’s Forest Nation, One Election. At the same time, it has been decided in the JDU executive that he will fight with the BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections in the upcoming NDA in 2019.

Jude’s attitude is a little bit warmer. It is restricted to the segregation of seats if it happens other than this, it will do its own damage.

How to solve the issue of seat sharing issue?

During a conversation with the FirstPost, a senior JDU leader said, “Now the meeting with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s BJP President Amit Shah has been fixed on July 12, it is clear that on JD-BJP all aspects of relations and alliances This day will be discussed. ”

According to the JDU sources, there was no discussion on the issue of seat sharing in the executive meeting, but one day before the meeting of the party office bearers, JDU has decided that at least 17 of Bihar’s 40 seats He will stand his own candidate. “That is, in the meeting with BJP leaders, JDU is preparing to raise these issues. Nitish has done a clean friendship with Jitu, 17-17 seat sharing formula. 6 seats for other affiliates.

After BJP’s joining the NDA, LJP and RLSP, after JDU is added, seat sharing is a big challenge. In this regard, BJP national president Amit Shah is going to Patna on July 12, where he will meet with Nitish Kumar. Earlier, on July 7, Nitish Kumar had met Paswan in Delhi.

From Paswan to JD, he has made it clear that he will be contesting the 2019 elections while staying in the NDA. In this case, in the case of the current situation, 40 seats are divided into four parties, it will be seen. It is clear from this that JDU’s quest for the 2009 formula is rarely met. Perhaps this is the reason why political motives are being speculated that Nitish Kumar should not join the Kushwaha and Paswan fields or get any other train.

By doing so, the Janata Dal United will not stay here nor will it mean that neither the house will remain nor will the ghat.