You say that the monarchy of the kings has ended. I say that it is still not finished in India. The monarchy of the family is continuing. You say the dictatorship is over, as in India, the alliance of monarchy and monarchy is still in India.You say the slave system and the tied wages system is over. I say that he is also continuing in some form in India. After Independence, the princes in India had themselves included themselves in the democratic system. The Privy purse being given to them was also eliminated by Indira Gandhi.

In fact, the state is not over and neither the privy purse is finished. The other family members around the family’s party are seen in the same way around the family-friendly Congressman jag, like flies. Democracy is also not over. Communist parties have now merged themselves with these familyist parties in the same way as terrorists or picketmen take themselves into the crowd.

Today, its present form was seen when the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party were carrying tricolor in their hands and with them, the Marxist activists took their red flag and gathered from the Mandi House to encroach on the PM House (Lok Kalyan Marg). Were there.

This is not a new form. Even during the reign of Pandit Nehru, comrade Krishna Menon and hundreds of comrades like him were covered. After this, it is well-known that the Left was dominated by Indira Gandhi’s Keecha.

In this way, we see that dictatorship and separatist forces are dominating in India under the guise of democracy.

Similarly, bonded labor and slavery are also included in the rule of our India. It is enough to give two examples in this regard.

According to media reports, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Amanatullah Khan and some of his associates mistreated IAS Anshu Prakash at Arvind Kejriwal’s house a few days ago. IAS Anshu Prakash alleges that all this happened in front of CM Kejriwal. In the case of rioting and mischief by the Delhi Chief Secretary, police arrested MLA Aam Aadmi Party MLA Prakash Jarwal. All are familiar with this incident.

Today the Press Conference of the Independent Officers Association has also been held in which the Association’s officials have responded to Kejriwal: ‘The leaders are not on strike, the targets created for political reasons’.

The bureaucracy that raises the cup plate in UP and the monarchy of the leaders

Similarly, another incident sequence is made by Akhilesh Yadav’s statement in which he had said that the officer who raised the plate-bowl, the same spreading rumor was spreading.

According to media reports, Akhilesh has uproot all the precious and decorative items from his bungalow. According to the pictures coming in the media, the AC, electric equipment, decor items, exotic trees, carpets and tiles have also been grown from the bungalow located on the four Vikramaditya Marg.

Pittsi and cup-plate raises bureaucracy, how will the system improve with outer talent?

The new and revolutionary verdict of the government can eliminate red tape

The question of reservation in the bureaucracy

The arrangements for reservation in jobs were implemented with the constitution, but the arrangement of reservation in promotion started from 1955. Instead of following the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court in the Nagraj case in 2006, it is dangerous to try to divide the bureaucracy with the politics of reservation in the center and the state. By releasing the social data of the 2011 census, instead of ending this dispute in a healthy way, the disintegration of the bureaucracy on a caste basis can break the democratic system. If the private sector’s talent will be struggling in a short span of time, then how will the change happen?

Why not improve system instead of direct recruitment

Those associated with saffronisation by the Government, direct recruitment of experts on joint secretary rank are not aware of both law and tradition. 25 years ago, the Russian Chief Minister of Russia and R. V. Shahi was made the energy secretary and in the same tradition, Vaidya Rajesh Kottecha was made secretary of the Ministry of AYUSH by the Modi government. Manmohan Singh, Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Nandan Nilekani were replaced in high positions in the Congress era, then why the controversy over direct recruitment of experts in the joint secretary’s post?

It is famous in the IAS Academy of Mussoorie that the best talent in the government through UPSC becomes helpless and discredited by being victim of system rot. The IAS officers have constitutional protection under Article 312 and 320 of the Constitution, but they do not get system support to work. In the last phase of the government’s tenure, the direct recruitment of private sector experts on the contract for three years may be politically beneficial, but how to expect them to reduce system rot?