The disclosure of the involvement of fugitive diamond merchant Mehul Chowk and Rahul Gandhi besides other leaders of the Congress, yesterday, in our website India Speaks Daily, ‘Did Rahul Gandhi help the bank robbery Mehul preventive from the country? Antigua government is ready on the extradition of Mehul! Could be the trouble of Congress!! Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has confirmed this today.

It is noteworthy that Mehul Vigilance Counsel David Dorsete said in an interview to Republican TV that his client Mehul Vigil is concerned with the Congress party. Republic TV interviewed David Dorset in Antigua. This news has confirmed from the interview that Mehul has already got 80,000 schemes for the bank, to give special interest to the bank, to go ahead with the investigation of Modi government but to escort him out of the country, and then to Antigua citizenship Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi are behind the infamous Modi government by joining with Fennews makers of mainstream media spreading propaganda and propaganda!

A day after the External Affairs Minister open the way for the extradition of Mehul Choksi, the fugitive criminal has revealed a sensational disclosure of political links, Mehul Choksi’s lawyer David Dorset confirmed the connection between Mohul and Congress allegedly That’s why this matter was made so serious. Speaking to the Republic TV, the lawyer has admitted that there are “serious political elements” in this matter.

Talking to David TV broadcasting from Dorset, he said that “he has a nephew who seems to be a scapegoat … officials are trying to drag this issue to him. There is a very political force that is involved in this whole issue. And this is not confined to the case of only one bank. In India, the political atmosphere has become quite hot on this issue. I mean, especially considering the national level i.e. Lok Sabha elections

He further said, “He was a businessman, he was a simple businessman who was” synergy “with the Congress party, which is different from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party. I also know that he was a regional political activist, But due to his political link, he is in trouble today.

In PNB fraud case more than Rs. 1200 crores, Choksi and his companies are also under investigation. Neerav Modi and Mehul Surakshi, both of them are the main accused in alleged fake transactions of over Rs 11,400 crores through 150 Guarantee Guarantees issued by the Punjab National Bank. It is alleged that billionaire jewelery designer Neerav Modi and some members of his family made fake transactions worth more than Rs 11,400 crores through 150 Guarantee Guarantees issued by Punjab National Bank.