Congress is a Muslim party. “Witnessing the admission of Mian Rahul Gandhi, after becoming the president of the minority board of the Congress party and the editor of the Urdu newspaper, it is clear that Mian’s race till the Masjid, while defining the maxim, now Rahul Gandhi is realizing that The mosque is the whole world.
After Indira is India, Rahul Gandhi has now understood himself as a universe. He was Congress spokesman Surajwala, a devotee of Shiva But Rahul Gandhi wants to express himself to Shiva by not calling himself a Shiva devotee: I am the soul, I am the whole universe, I am the whole universe. I am a small moment. I am a small moment. I am immortal. Every death I die only I am The great mountain I am the subtle planet I am the earth I am the sky also I am the salutation I am the liberation I am the time the anger is the poison and nectar I am also knowledge is also ignorant ? Namah: Moreover
There have been many hypocrites in India who understand themselves as God. Rahul Gandhi is now one of them.
Nehru had said that he was a teacher from education, a Muslim from culture and was born in a discredited Hindu family.
Rahul Gandhi also realizes that his grandfather was Feroze Gandhi, mother is Catholic Christian, he was born in Italy, education has been done in London and Netagiri is doing it in India. So they are the only Brahmand.
Apart from this, he knows that the Congress has been ruling the Nehru-Gandhi family for over 60 years and due to the same dynasty, he is also the President of the Congress today. That is why they are saying that ‘I am the Congress’.
Rahul Gandhi is inherited from ancestors ‘I am the Congress’ language!
On 11 July Rahul Gandhi had admitted that ‘Congress is a party of Muslims’. On Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday that “I am the Congress” – “I am the Congress.” It is clear from Rahul Gandhi’s statement that he considers himself “omnipotent” and other leaders and workers of his party Understand ‘trivial’
Indeed, Rahul Gandhi is talking in the same language that he has inherited from his own ancestors. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have been indirectly ruled for 10 years on the power of the country for 10 years indirectly. During this time there have been many such occasions when Rahul’s ancestors have proven the sense of “I am the Congress”.
This is the reason: I do not want to give birth to Narasimha Rao’s body; Sonia Gandhi’s insult to Sitaram Kesri Gandhi.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi has made it clear to the party workers that I am the Congress. Between the Muslim party dispute, Rahul Gandhi has given a tweet on the micro-blogging website, ‘I am the Congress’. With this, Rahul Gandhi has made it clear that there is no existence of Congress without the Gandhi family. Everyone knows that Rahul Gandhi was made the president of the Congress party under dynastic politics. Instead of qualification, he has been made president by giving preference to dynasty.
Since Independence, Congress Party has become the Bapu of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Let us tell you how the Congress party has been the ruler of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and these people have gone to the party arbitrarily.-
Congress ie Gandhi Family Pvt Ltd! – After the liberation of the country, Mahatma Gandhi gave an important statement about the Congress. He had told the dissolution of the Congress. Today that statement has become important again. Last year, on 16 December, Rahul Gandhi formally became president. In this case it is necessary to assess whether Mahatma Gandhi had any doubts about the Congress. If analyzed, then Mahatma Gandhi’s fear of the Nehru family’s occupation in the Congress party was felt at that time.