The news was published in yesterday’s Lokshakti. “Mamata met Sonia and Rahul, said,” Do not be a PM, just remove Modi’s motive ”

Another news was published in his pre-democracy: On the issue of the issue, Chief Minister resigned from Assam, said: Mamata is spoiling the atmosphere of the country.

Today a news has been broadcast by Congress: A comprehensive consensus among the opposition parties created by Congress for 2019, the Prime Minister’s decision after election

This is the drama of opposition parties.

One day after Mamata Banerjee met Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, West Bengal Congress chief Adhir Ranjan Choudhary called the Trinamool Congress supremo a “chameleon” and accused him of being helpless for the post of prime minister.

While making a big attack on the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Chaudhary alleged that Banerjee was behaving like a “trojan horse” (using someone for his own self), and trying to divide the idea of the federal front ‘united opposition’ Is doing. Chaudhary appealed the leaders of various parties to not believe them.

Referring to the names of two former Prime Ministers, he alleged, “His only purpose is to become the Prime Minister of India. He is proud of the post of Prime Minister. Among them are Devegowda symptoms and Gujral symptoms. ”

Chaudhary also accused Banerjee of attempting to “sweep” the Congress and “Congress” in West Bengal and on the other side trying to seek support of the party in the next Lok Sabha elections.

He said, ‘He is a chameleon, a chameleon that changes his color. They can not be trusted, it is useless to guess anybody, in such a situation, Congress and other leaders should not have any confidence in them. ”

He said that Mamta Banerjee is a dictator and now she is trying to present herself as a female saint. He is trying to wreak the Congress by not allowing us to vote in West Bengal or not standing in the election, our leader is in jail. It seems that politics is a crime in Bengal. We are victims of politics of witchcraft in the state.

Mamta’s arch-rival PCC chief said that she is trying to grab as much as possible seats in Bengal so that she can claim her for the post of Prime Minister in the next Lok Sabha elections.

Chaudhary said that Banerjee is thinking that she will become the Prime Minister with the support of other opposition parties, so she is refusing to give any seat to the Congress in Bengal. She said that when Rahul Gandhi is talking about uniting the opposition Then Mamata Banerjee is discussing the third front and trying to create division in the opposition. He said that he is only trying to do what is right for him.

Accusing Banerjee of double standards, Choudhary said that on one side, Assam is talking about 40 lakh people living outside the NRC and on the other hand they are imposing barricades on the state border.

He also remembered how Mamata Banerjee had given a moratorium proposal against illegal immigrants in West Bengal in 2005 in Parliament. They demanded that they clarify their stand on the issue.

Banerjee had met with leaders of various parties, including UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in the national capital yesterday, in an effort to create a anti-BJP front.