According to today’s special lecture: Congress has been engaged in wooing Lingayat society to maintain the only remaining fort in the Karnataka assembly elections. But the Exit Poll of India Today Group, which came on Saturday, is telling that the Congress party has failed. According to the survey, the Congress has emerged as a big party in the state but its Lingayat card could not work.

The survey of Aaj Tak is that 62 percent of the Lingayat community gets the BJP and 16 percent of the votes have been cast in the Congress account. While JDS got 11 percent votes for Lingayats.

Prior to this, the politics of CSDS and ABP News on the Vidhan Sabha elections also said that the Lingayat card of Congress Chief Minister Siddharamaiah was ineffective. According to the survey, 61 percent Lingayat voters were told with BJP, while 18 percent supported the Congress. JDS was also told to get votes of 11 percent Lingayats.

Figures of Exit Polls show that the upper castes in Karnataka have also been registered in the BJP’s account.

According to a survey of ‘Aaj Tak’, most of the votes of the upper castes in the assembly elections went to the BJP’s margin. 66 percent of the Brahmins went towards the BJP, whereas 16 percent of the Brahmins voted in the Congress account. JDS has voted only seven percent Brahmins. Looking at the whole data of the upper castes, it is known that Congress got 20 percent votes of Hindu upper castes while BJP got 52 percent of the votes.

Because of the Lingayat community, for the first time in this southern state in 2008, the BJP government was formed and the leader of this community, BS Yedirappa, became the Chief Minister of the state. Now the eyes of the Congress are centered on the fact that if the Lingayat community voted BJP’s chief ministerial candidate, Yedirappa’s leadership on one side, then again the BJP government will be formed in Karnataka. The Karnataka Legislative Assembly currently has 54 MLAs of the Lingayat community. With an impressive number of seats in Karnataka’s 100 assembly seats, the voters of this community are in a position to play a decisive role in about 100 assembly seats.

Efforts to create a minority of Hindus in India have been going on since last several decades. Direct, indirectly, these conspiracies are run differently in many different ways. Apart from raising the Muslim and Christian population from different means, another other party has been adopted, making Hindus a minority in the country, and it is the status of different religions to different communities of Hindus.

Amit Shah has clearly said that the BJP government of the center will not allow the linguists to separate from the religion and will not let the conspiracy to separate them from Hinduism succeed. This decision of Amit Shah can be a strong challenge before the BJP in the forthcoming assembly elections, but this decision for Hinduism will prove a milestone decision. The influential Lingayat community, with a population of 3,000 monasteries, also resides in large numbers in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. If the BJP government of the central government had accepted Lingayats as a separate religion to prove the electoral gains, then similar demands would have arisen in these states in the future and in other communities there was a rivalry to adopt a separate religion. There are two classes in the Lingayat community with a minimum of 20 percent in Karnataka’s 60 million population, one Lingayat and the other Veer Shaiva both fall under the category of OBC and they have got 15 percent reservation in government jobs. These are worshipers of Shiva ie Shaiva, hence they are also called Lingayat.

In 1881 the British tried to separate the Lingayats from Hindus, which is now trying to complete the Congress. In the 12th century, a great social reformer, Sant Vasavraj or Vashwana, had raised awareness against social evils in this community. In the meantime, those who considered him as their guru began to call him Veer Shaiva or Veer Shaiv Lingayat.

Keeping the Congress and Santo accusing the BJP of communal and class-specific politics, always insulting the saints and keeping the distance from the Maths ashrams, the Congress has made an electoral effort by appeasing all the government officials before the elections. Even in the offices, the portrait of Saint Vasavaraj ji made mandatory.

In order to divide Hindu Dharmavalambis, Karnataka’s Congress government sponsored a conference of Veer Shaiv brothers in the last months in which a resolution passed to declare the Lingayats as non-Hindus and Minorities passed to the government shortly after the Lingayat Mahasabha was also politically Followed the move and demanded similarly. In view of the impending elections, the Chief Minister immediately constituted an Expert Committee under the chairmanship of retired judge Shri Nag Mohan Das, when the committee asked for at least six months for this work, but was asked to submit its report within two months. . The committee submitted its report to the government in the first week of March, 18. The report of the committee formed in Annan Fanan and the report of the committee formed in Apodhapi was discussed only in two meetings of the Cabinet. Two Lingayat ministers opposed this in the Cabinet, but despite their opposition, the committee’s conformity was accepted in which both the Lingayat communities were treated as non-Hindus and minorities and thus there was another militarism on Hinduism. That’s good for the country’s law and constitution