On the rise of Alwar Leaching in the Lok Sabha, the Minister of State, Rajnath Singh gave an explanation. In spite of this Rahul Gandhi’s Congress has misread the politicization of it.
Earlier, Uddhav Thackeray had also criticized BJP saying that women in the country are insecure but you are saving cows. Similar reactions have also been expressed by Rahul Gandhi and Secular Media. At the time of the Bihar assembly elections, a similar issue was raised by vote bank politics.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has rightly said that the Modi government is trying to ensure that the people remain vigilant and the cow is also safe.
It is worth noting that the follower of Robert Clive, who started the abattoir in India, is the Congress of Rahul Gandhi. The result of that is that cows are being smuggled and litching is being encouraged. In Karnataka, there was a ban on cow-slaughter at the BJP government, but later it was removed from Congress, the government of Siddaramaayya lifted the ban on it.
PM Modi took 200 cows in the gift for Rwanda. One important program of the government of Rwanda, which means keep a cow. Through this scheme, many families have emerged from poverty alleviation in Rwanda.
If this is our plan, then we will start provincial governments of BJP, then Congress and so-called secular media ridicule him.
A large number of attacks are being organized on the death of Rakbir Khan in Alwar, but a mob of 22 years old Khetaram Bhal has been killed in Badmemar. This is not the act of provoking minorities?
Lok Sabha President Sumitra Mahajan also said that Leeching should not be politicized.
India TV Chairman Rajat Sharma also discussed this in his blog.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted that violence in place of humanity in his (Modi) brutal New India has taken it. Union minister Piyush Goyal tweeted on Rahul Gandhi, “You (Rahul) divide society for election benefits and then shed tears of bells. Now it is too much. You are the businessman of hatred. ”
In order to tackle the rising incidents of violence by the mob under the chairmanship of Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the Center has constituted a Group of Ministers (Tusharu). Laws can also be made for incidents like leaching, but all this will take time. Therefore, the leaders of the political party should stop giving statements on this issue.
To tackle the rising incidents of violence by the mob, the Center has constituted a Group of Ministers (Tusharu).
For example, if a legislator says that there is a war against Gothsarkari and cow slaughter, then another leader should say that Hindus are Taliban and the third leader says that those who take the voice of cow protection are terrorists, then all such statements will be useless Give birth
Rahul Gandhi and his Congress and Secular Media, former UP MLC Bookkal Nawab, who has donated the money in the temple and said that doing so, they want to live peacefully in this world. Now Rahul Gandhi has to think about how they are Hindus, how are Shiva devotees, how are the Jnanavardis. They should remove their polymorphic form and show them the real form.
In the name of secularism in the country, leftist journalist and so-called intellectuals are adopting a double attitude. Which incident is a lobbying and what is not, it is being decided by seeing the religion. In the context of two different events occurring together in Rajasthan, it is clear that there is silence on any event that happened with the so-called secularist Hindus and if any incidents occur with any Muslim criminal, then it will raise the noise It seems like the leaching case in Alwar.
Regardless of the incidence of leaching, by whom also, separatism and religious frenzy should not be disseminated, but all should try to stop it.