Senior Congress leader Hansraj Bhardwaj, who took over the responsibility of law minister in the UPA government, said, “Who is the leader of Rahul Gandhi?” I do not agree. Whatever is wrong, it is wrong in the name of religion. Rahul Gandhi has not received the post yet and will know. Congress fails because it falls in the dilemma of religion. ”

Rahul Gandhi is going to do the same things as children and is continuously bringing the shade to the Congress. He himself is like a child but he is treating the people as well as the people as well as the people.

An example of this is that former Union Home Minister and senior Congress leader RPN Singh took the Ganga water in the hands of Ganga Maiya and said that every person in Chhattisgarh will forgive the loan within 10 days. The Congress, which has not been able to do so during the rule of more than 60 years, is taking the Ganga water in the hands of 10 days to do it. They do not know the significance of the Ganges water.

A video of Kamal Nath is getting viral in the social media in which he is saying, ‘I will talk about Chhindwara, I tell people to tell me. His RSS, because connected to Nagpur. Come there in the morning for them, go to the night and it is very easy. They have only one slogan. If Hindus have to vote then vote for Hindu Lion Modi. If the Muslim has to vote then vote for the Congress. There are only two lines, and no lessons are left to teach. It’s their strategy and you all have to be very cautious. Will try to entice you. We will deal with them, after all, you will have to bear everything until the voting day. ”

From these things it seems that Rahul Gandhi and other small leaders of Congress are misguiding the people as children. Just as a senior member of a family can explain to two children: one in the ear says that the other child is a scoundrel. The other child says in the ear that the first child is a scoundrel.

Whether the leaders of this kind of Congress party are going to be Rahul Gandhi or Kamal Nath.

Mani Shankar Aiyar, while writing an accusation in Jinnah, said in Pakistan’s Lahore that Savarkar, who invented the word Hindutva, was the master of India’s current Modi government, who divided India.

Moving on the postings of the same Mani Shankar Aiyar, the Congress President had said in a speech in October that Veer Savarkar was not ‘Veer’. In his speech, he had said that Veer Savarkar apologized to the British for his activities and to be released from jail.

Based on Rahul Gandhi’s above statement, Veer Savarkar’s grandson Ranjit Savarkar filed a complaint against Rahul Gandhi in Shivaji Park Police Station.

Veer Savarkar had once said that once the Hindus come together to vote, then all the people will wear Janeu on the coat. Today, the matter of Savarkar became relevant when the Congress came to clarify that Rahul Gandhi is not only a Hindu but a Jnanavidhi Hindu.

The Congress did not stop there, after which it came to be said that they are Ram devotees.

The Congress does not stop but further than saying Ram Bhakta to them. Now his Ram Bhakti is going to be examined. It is to be seen that the alleged Janayoghari Brahmin Ram devotee Rahul Gandhi himself or any member of his Congress party takes any meaningful initiative in connection with the creation of Ram Mandir on the Ram Janmabhoomi in the winter session of the winter commencement beginning on December 11.

The National Swaaswak Sangh and its disciplinary organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad are increasingly pressurizing the construction of Ram temple. The RSS has taken the responsibility directly to the Dharam Sabha, which is to be held by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad on November 25. In order to make the organization of the Dharam Sabha successful, the RSS has declared its all relevant organizations to be fully involved.

It is to see what the Congress is going to do now.