The Congress is in the electoral fray for the elections in the Karnataka assembly elections as well as the divisive conspiracy in which the separation of Hindi and Lingayat from Karnataka for the separation of Hinduism is in the electoral fray.
In contrast, the BJP is also the solution to the national unity and the muddy water dispute that is contained in it. This discussion is being done in detail in this editorial.
The BJP’s chief ministerial candidate comes from the former chief minister Yeddurappa Lingayat community. Therefore, the Congress has presented the lollipop to give Lingayat a different religion.
Siddaramaayya has been fighting from Chamundeswari assembly all the time. But this time they do not expect they will win from this seat because it was unlikely this time that according to the caste equation, Devgowda had been meeting them in the last election.
Therefore, he is also contesting from Chamundeswari, Badami Assembly seat. You can decide to lose the votes of Kuruba and the other backward castes in this seat. Siddaramaayya comes from Kuruba caste, so they are also contesting from this seat.
It is clear from this that caste equations and divisive tendencies dominate the Congress in this assembly elections too.
Mahadayi water dispute is related to three provinces: Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. In the first three provinces, Congress was the government. But even in power, he did not make any concerted effort to resolve the increasingly hydroelectricity.
The Congress has been in the habit of letting the dispute remain. The Congress has been running on the policy of the British to divide and rule.
Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated in his speeches to solve this muddy water dispute. Goa and Maharashtra are the BJP government. If there is a BJP government in Karnataka then they have indicated in their speech that they will try to resolve the problem and negotiate with it.
This announcement made during the Karnataka assembly elections may prove to be a game changer for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), because it affects some of the important seats of North-western region of Karnataka.
The 50 seats of the 224-member Karnataka Legislative Assembly are in this area. These are a tough fight between the ruling party Congress and the BJP. For the past two years, agitation has been going on in Gadag city, all the villages along the bank and neighboring districts of Dharwad in the last two years.
Addressing a rally in Gadag on May 05, Prime Minister Modi said, ‘This is Sonia Gandhi who has refused to give you water. His party’s government was in the center of all three disputed states. If you choose our party’s government here, then I will talk to all three states to resolve this dispute. ”
The possibility of BJP winning
After this statement, party workers and Gadag people said that it has increased the likelihood of BJP’s victory in this area which is considered to be the stronghold of Congress till now. Gurumurthy Hiremath of Gadag said, “The Prime Minister himself has promised to solve the Mahadayi water dispute. In such a situation, people will support him and his party. Our main demand is water supply, so we will support the same party which will give confidence to fulfill it.
The issue of muddy water dispute is crucial for 7 seats in this area. At present, the Congress has 31 seats in the area while the BJP occupies 16 seats. At the same time, JDS has 1 seat and 2 seats independent candidates. According to many surveys conducted before the election, Congress and BJP will win about 90-90 seats in the state. In such a scenario, the difference between victory and defeat in these 7 seats becomes very important according to the formation of a government in the state.
It is clear from the fact that the Congress has tried to get the separate flag for Karnataka and the lollipop of different religions by Congress by the Congress, the BJP has discovered through the assurance of resolving the water dispute.