There are Congress posters in Allahabad. In which it is said that Indira’s blood Priyanka is Coming Soon That is, Congress is on the grounds of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections by citing his family blood on the basis of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

Taking a beating on this, Amit Shah has said in his speech that Rahul Gandhi should account for his four generations before demanding a 4-year accounting with the Modi government.

Speaking on the non-confidence motion brought by the TDP of Andhra Pradesh in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi had said that Narendra Modi could not even get his eyes from me. PM Modi overturned this as:

You are Namdhari and we are Kamdar, we can not dare you eye in your eye: PM Modi

In the past, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said that if there is a need to defeat the BJP, then he is ready to make any woman a PM candidate too. After this, it was speculated that Rahul could choose between Mamta Banerjee or Mayawati. But now it is believed that Priyanka Gandhi may also be a PM candidate.

This is the reason for the possibility that Priyanka Gandhi will fight Sonia’s Rae Bareli and Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s Prime Ministerial Candidate? Mamta and Maya hands will remain silk.

Today’s news is: Unique weapon preparing rills for dealing with terrorism means book arms.

Maharashtra Police is preparing a set of Marathi books based on articles of experts to help their efforts in combating extremism, extremism and terrorism, which is such a first initiative of its kind. This book will prove to be helpful in dealing with terrorist cases.

A senior official of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) told that the essence of the writing of experts on terrorism in various languages including English to train policemen in dealing with such cases is included in this Marathi compilation.

In these books issues such as the psychology of terrorists, the training methods of terrorist organizations, some major terrorist attacks, and the youth should be drawn from the terrorist influence. One of these books is ‘The Islamist: Why I Joint Radical Islam in Britain, What I Say Inside and Why I Left’. Ed writer born in Britain, Ed Hussein

Our organization against terrorists has made chilli bombs. Israel has also invented many techniques, plastics bullets and electronic walls are prominent.

We are seeing that the terrorist organizations are preparing terrorists through social media and are training to build bombs etc.

There is more power hidden than the atom bomb in books. Someone has even written that a drop of white gold can make thousands of people think.

That is why there is a history of jihad against books even against the books. Nepal has been a Hindu nation. After the rule of the Maqsadis, whatever books related to Hindu culture were burned on them. In his speech in Lucknow during the UPA regime, Chidambaram had said that India’s ancient history has never been glorified and India has never been a gold pudding. Such interpretation books should be burnt.