Why Jaitley did not get the hand in Modi? It is a matter of discussion in the Rajya Sabha.
The Congress has also started looking at this issue with political eyeglasses and the reason for not getting the hand is to mention the growing distances between Jaitley and PM Modi.
In a BBC News, the reason for this is also medical. Before discussing this, I also understand that Jaitley did not mix hands with PM Modi. Even if it happened in an unknown way.

PM Modi is senior to Jaitley ji, so greeting him by not giving a hand to Modi Ji is the essence of Indian culture.
In this regard, I am remembering one sentence. When Yogi Adityanath was in Gorakhnath Math, Ashok Singhal had gone to meet him. By reaching it, Singhal ji began to touch the feet of Yogi ji. The yogi immediately stood up and said, “Singhal ji, I am your volunteer, I should touch your feet.”
Ashok Singhal ji said that I am touching the feet of the abbot of Gorakhnath Math, not Yogi Adityanath.
The second incident related to this is a few days ago. U.P. police officer worshiped Yogi ji as a guru in police uniform and worshiped him. This was discussed in the media. Opposition parties have criticized.
The office of CM Yogi explains that the police officer Yogi Adityanath did not worship the Mahant as Gorakhnath as his guru.
Since Rahul Gandhi was born in Italy, he grew up in Western culture. Nehru himself had said that he was an Englishman with education and that he is a Muslim by culture and is a devious Hindus.
Therefore, Nehru and Rahul’s Congress will not see Jaitley joining hands with Modi. The distance between them will be seen.