Blaming Hindutva for ‘increasing intolerance’, the American report is derogatory, partisan and motivated.The followers of Christianity and Islam are the only any how people in the world who want to incorporate the whole world within their religion. Christian countries often funded the money for this through missionaries, through trickery and convert people of poor backward tribal groups.Islamist petrarchs, through religious fundamentalism and Muslim terrorists, convert the people in islam.

Only Hindu religion and its branch Buddhist and Parsi (Jewish) are those who do not convert other People with force or deceit, wealth and power. This is the reason that they are falling in the world.

Take the example of Pakistan, at the time of partition, 10 percent were Hindus, then now 1 percent. On the contrary, Muslims in India were less than 15 percent, so now more than 25 percent.

Ratan Tata has revealed in his book that there was a time Persian rule in the iran. They were in the majority. But now there is the rule of the Shi’a Muslims and not even a single Parsi there.

It is true that in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia etc., there were Hindu empires. But at that time these empires were established not on the strength of the sword but on the basis of their principles. Similarly, Buddhism also influenced the countries of Thailand, China etc. But these were not even on the strength of the sword.

Regardless, its US is broadcasting itself as tolerant and calling India an intolerant country. Not only this, Christian missionaries of America and European countries have spread the falsehood in India. On the basis of the wealth provided to NGO. These missionaries encourage many types of activities to weaken India.

Sadly, due to vote bank politics, our so called secularists are helping to spread the network of these missionaries and NGOs in India.

To date, Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh, Aamir, Javed Akhtar and others are still intolerant of the Indian government. The drama of award return was also created.

There has been continuous news for a few days now that after the Muslims in China, Christians are now being punished.

It is surprising that on this, our vote bank politics and anti-Hindu leaders who are now falsely claiming to be true Hindus, and the communist parties do not see intolerant of China as intolerant.

The affected institutions churches and missionaries have now become the center of many evils and anti-national movements. The Bishop of Kerala has now come under the charge of rape, it is not such a reminder that this happened in the world, but in India, now the rape accused marched in the road against the rapist bishop.

Missionaries and Christian countries discriminate with the tribal backward poor Hindus who were made Christians by spreading misconceptions by this trick. In this regard, they also wrote a letter to the UN.

Beni Hinn came to India from time to time and campaigned to make Christian by bluffing the innocent poor people in the same way as Rambabu has now done in Delhi with the help of Kejriwal government.

For this reason when the Mr.Dharm in Karnataka was the Chief Minister, at that time, Beni Hinn was given complete independence to convert people. The poor, the oppressed public, by making blind faith.

The task of dividing Hindus is also being done by polynomial Brahminic leaders as Rahul. Ravana was also a Brahmin but how was his actions? Now a Ravana is also out of jail, he is also speaking the language of ten heads Ravana.

The people of India should be cautious with such elements hidden in the country and the foreign forces that disrupt the unity of India, which weaken India.