Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday tweeting the government in support of the 5 Maoist supporters who were arrested yesterday: “There is only a place for an NGO in India and its name is RSS, stop all other NGOs. Send all activists to jail and shoot those who complain, shoot them. Welcome to New India.
The second incident of 1-2 days is also the same, in which the fatwa of Shia religion teacher from Iraq has come, that the temple on the Waqf Board of India can not be built on the ground.
The truth behind all these situations is hidden, that now Rahul Gandhi’s activities have become anti-India. They are playing in the hands of foreign anti-India forces in the same way, like Jawei’s foreign funded anti-NGO and China-based Communist.
Waseem Rizvi, President of the Waqf Board of India, has given a reaction to the fatwa given by the religious leader of Iraq, which is a true nationalist patriot: ‘Shia Wakf Board will work according to Indian Constitution. He will not come under the pressure of terrorists nor will he act according to any fatwa. ”
On the contrary, after becoming President of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, who came back to India in Germany, the UK and after that, who has recieved consciousness in response, it seems that he is a non-nationalist.
The manner in which Indira Gandhi’s kitchen had a communist gathering, in the same way Rahul Gandhi’s drawing room is also dominated by communists and Maoist organizations.
He has responded by expressing his anger over the arrest of five Maoist supporters arrested today and in the context of the use of the word NGO in the context of RSS, it is necessary to present some facts in this context.
The NGO of Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia has been financing from the Ford Foundation. It is related to the Ford Foundation Sonia Gandhi’s village in Italy. That is why during his lifetime, Kejriwal did not say a word against Sonia Gandhi.
The most important part is the fact that the person is in a position of right and wrong. 4:
It is open fact that Nepal’s maximum Maoist leaders are Christian and their Sonia Gandhi is directly or indirectly in good relation. Maoists are spreading their wings in India with the blessings of Congress leadership.
Indian and Nepali Maoist Christian religions are created and funded by the Church in collaboration with intelligence agencies of America and the United Kingdom.
Throughout the Niyogi Committee report in the 1950s, he had very clearly warned about his treason activities in the missionary and tribal areas and said that unless he was expelled, he would be armed against the state, Will start.
In the tribal areas of central India, Rs. 12,000 crores per year is being sent by the Western Churches unreliable and estimated 4,000 white missionaries are working there (most of them intelligence agents). Why do you think Sonia Gandhi has never been inclined against the Maoists, unless the woman is going to stay in India, we can forget about fighting the Christian Maoists.
>> Iqbal Kaskar has said that there is a link between Dawood Ibrahim and Zakir Naik. Dawood Zakir used to pay Nike money through NGOs.
>> International NGO Greenpeace accused of creating an environment against development schemes was banned from taking foreign aid. Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi is worried.
>> Former MHA undersecretary Anand Joshi had on May 10, 2016 claimed that the personal assistant of Ford Foundation Chairperson had contacted him in October 2015 and had offered money in exchange for his support and when he refused , He allegedly pressurized senior officials to give him a clean chit to the Ford Foundation.
There has been a special discussion in the media in the last month that in the Jharkhand, in the Jharkhand, the missionaries of Charity are being sold for newborn babies between fifty thousand and one lakh rupees.
Apart from this, more sensational news has been published this week that four pastor missionaries of Kerala were arrested in the crime of rape. Many such news stories have been published from time to time.
In addition to these abominable inhuman acts, Christian missionaries and their archbishop and pastor have been involved in anti-India activities.
India has also been interfering in the dark circles and issued a fatwa to link politics to religion. For example, during the assembly elections, the priest of the party had issued a fatwa that the nationalists would vote for defeating the powers of India.