Today a special leaked publication has been published, which is titled: 13 State-15 Groups: Chakravyuh of 429 seats in front of Modi-Shah in 2019.

Even during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Jihadi secularism with Modi phobia, some intellectuals had declared that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister then he would leave the country. Modiji became the Prime Minister and nobody left the country.

In the said Written statement, the victory in Karnataka has given a new zeal for solidarity in the opposition parties. With this passion, the opposition has formulated a formula to stop Modi’s ‘Vijay Ratha’ in 2019. Through this formula, 15 parties in 13 states of the country can face a screw in front of Modi-Shah at 429 Lok Sabha seats. Opposition has created such a maze in front of the pair of BJP who has flung the BJP in 20 states, which will not be easy to break.

Karnataka has discussed. Whereas the reality is that the JDS is limited to the area that is Mysore region and and area connected to Maharashtra. The BJP has no effect on that. JDS rival is Congress. The remaining Karnataka is the BJP’s rival Congress. Therefore, today’s coalition is not going to affect anything on BJP.

Talking about West Bengal, it has been said that Congress TMC can join together in the Lok Sabha elections. It is possible that the left will also come along. In this regard, the reaction of Sitaram Yechury has come to this today that the CPI (M) will not be able to prevent MPP from any cost.

Now we can take example of Kerala. In Kerala, the rival party of the Congress is presently the communist parties ruling in power. If the Congress and the current ruling party are found, what will be the impact of this on BJP?

This is also the case of Telangana and Andhra. Before undivided Andhra was the Congress storm in Andhra. Rahul Gandhi will forget to enjoy celebration after remembering how the hammering were done on the statues of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, how violence in the Andhra Pradesh during the split of Andhra.

In Maharashtra, will the Shivsena come with NCP and Congress? The Shiv Sena and the BJP have fought separately even during the last assembly elections.

As far as Uttar Pradesh is concerned, Sonia Gandhi was meeting with Mayawati today in Bangalore, as separated sisters meet together. There is nothing other than the film drama. The Congress is Zero in U.P. means not having remarkable presence there.

Even in Bihar, if the Congress alliances with JDU, then this is not new. This has happened in the past and it has been losing to JDU and BJP alliance.

Congress has split even in Chhattisgarh. Jogi is a prominent leader of the Congress and has split up from the Congress, closest to Gandhi family, and has formed a new party. While Rahul Gandhi was in Chhattisgarh, he showed that his main rival is Congress party.

In Madhya Pradesh, after becoming 1984 infamous Kamal Nath Congress President, other leaders of the Congress Digvijay Singh and Scindia are angry. Today’s news is that an influential Congress leader Minakshi Natarajan has given a resignation letter.

Even in Rajasthan, Congress has to chew iron gram. After Gehlot went to Delhi, the feet of the Congress of Rajasthan have crushed.

The domination of the Congress was in the North-East provinces. That Congress has been wiped out. BJP’s rule is in all provinces of North-East.

It is of course that Catholic Christian Sonia Gandhi has a close relationship with Italy’s Vatican. Hence, during the Gujarat assembly elections fatwa of Christian pastors was issued: Do not vote for the Nationalist BJP. It means that not vote for national party is just that vote for anti-national parties.

The family of Gandhi family is in Delhi. There may be church but no temple or mosque. Sonia Gandhi regularly visits the Church of Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi being a grandson of Feroze Khan, it is understood that the Congress party, which runs on the principle of appeasement, ihas the monopoly on the vote of Muslims. But that’s not going to happen in 2019.

By forming himself as imposter Janeudhari Brahmin, he conspired to separate Lingayat from the Hindu in Karnataka. Even after this, Lingayat was not far from the BJP and the conspiracy of Congress failed.

Rahul Gandhi suffers from RSS-Modi Phobia. There is currently no BJP rule in Tamil Nadu. It has been dominated by DMK and AIADMK and other parties emancipated from them.

The people of the red flags have also taken Rahul Gandhi under his control by provoking innocent simple  people to carry out a violent movement in Tuticorin. Rahul Gandhi is expressing his own immaturity by describing the RSS and Modi as responsible for the death of twelve people who were shot by them. It is public that know every thing.

The article that is published today in BBC

Rahul Gadhvi is running an ax on his feet as per the article published in the BBC.

Rashid Kidwai, senior journalist and friendly to Congress headquarter and biographer of Sonia Gandhi, says, “Rahul Gandhi has fully understood the weakness of the Congress that Congress will not be able to fight the BJP on its own. This political assessment proved to be helpful In the formation of government in Karnataka. ”

“Rahul Gandhi has said that to say that if Congress comes as the largest political party in 2019, it will be the prime ministerial candidate, but this is what he has said to encourage the Congress people. It is very difficult for the BJP to be the biggest party in the party in 2019. ”

Rashid Kidwai says, “It is the result of the Congress leader’s new leader Rahul Gandhi’s thinking, which is favorable for the time, say the compulsions of the time or the pressure of the political situation, Rahul Gandhi has to compromise and in this Congress The consent of senior leaders and strategists is also seen. ”

Rashid Kidwai says, “Congress is a national party and is the only party which is in a position to challenge the BJP. If the supreme leader of that national party says that he is not in the race for prime minister because the challenge is to BJP And if that purpose is more important and bigger than its party workers will not get a good message, they will be absolutely frustrated. ”

“That is why Rahul Gandhi is not in a position to say clearly that he is not a prime ministerial candidate in the year 2019 and it is also important that the regional parties, on whose behalf the Congress party is working on the strategy to oust the government It is clear in his mind that Rahul Gandhi is not a prime ministerial candidate in 2019. Yes, it is sure that he will not say this openly unless that the results of the 2019 elections did not come out. ”

The Congress had 44 seats in the 2014 elections.

Focus that in all the states, the Congress emerges as the largest party in the Opposition front by winning 80-90 seats in the alliance with the regional parties, even then will it accept to remain in the same role as it did in Karnataka?

At least regional parties would like to do the same. But if the Congress has crossed the figure of 100 on its own, things can change, but it will not be right to make any prediction from this point.

It is important to understand that if they hold the Prime Minister’s post for themselves today, the regional parties will be scattered. ”

At the end of the BBC article it has been said that the situation for the Congress is like walking on the edge of the sword.

No matter how serious the question of political compulsion and existence, if the message goes to the workers that the Congress is not in the race for power, the Congress president does not want to become the Prime Minister, then the Congress can have a lot of political loss.

The organization of the Congress is weak, but in four states there is a government, the national character of the party is seen in the danger of regional parties – in this way Rahul Gandhi will have to take very careful steps, so that the national character of the Congress is also saved and regional parties Do not think of yourself as an alternative to Congress.

The Congress, which has adopted a short-term strategy to keep the BJP out of power, by charging the chief minister’s chair in Karnataka, can also create a crisis of existence for him.