After coming to power in 2014, look at BJP’s bye-elections, BJP gets a by-election, but she wins in the main election. At the same time, there is a rule of BJP and its allies on almost all India except for a few states.

Opposition unity on any seat is possible against the BJP. But is this unity also possible for 545 seats?

There is a direct contest between BJP and Congress in less than 150 seats. But in the remaining 400 seats, will the Congress and other opposition parties contest together?

Therefore, the results of the bye-elections should not be frozen in the joy of winning opposition parties by looking at them. In the same way, the ruling NDA will have to think that whether it will take the victory of opposition parties seriously or not. A spark can also demolish a beautiful palace.

These questions asked by tweeting Kumar Vishwas’s tweet on the victory of the Opposition in the by-election

Kumar Vishwas tweeted on opposition parties about winning the many seats of Lok Sabha and Assembly by-elections in the by-election. Let me tell you, Kumar Vishwas wrote in his tweet, “Today will give” character certificate “to Schwadkar today?

Many people have also endorsed him by commenting on this tweet on Kumar Vishwas. People wrote in their comment, “Sir, today the Schwanger has come here from God. Nothing good can happen to the Schwanger”.

: Kejriwal told defeat of BJP, “anger of the people”, people asked “what happened to you” in Punjab.

Twitter users reminded them of the votes cast of Aam Aadmi Party in the last elections. People said that the security of the people of your party was also seized.

The results of the by-election have almost arrived. These results, where the message of relief and strength for the United Opposition has come, then there is also a danger bell for the BJP. The BJP has lost two seats in the by-election by four seats in the Lok Sabha. However, among these shocks BJP’s defeat in West Bengal also has a positive signal for the party.

To be told the truth, now the fate of chess for 2019, after the results of the by-elections, will be the game of cheating.

Political parties can begin their walks.

In October, the notification for assembly elections will be issued in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Many important developments can now be seen before this. In the monsoon session, BJP will do its utmost to pass three divorces and OBC commission bill, from which the party has great expectations in 2019. However, it will be challenging to deal with the siege of opposition on the issue of farmers and Dalits in front of them.

Political parties and political parties will move on issues related to dalits and peasants

The support of these farmers and Dalits was a major contributor to the BJP’s big win in 2014. Opposition made a big issue on the recent incidents of dalits and the decreasing earnings of the farmers. Now the Dalits will be on the vote of farmers.

BJP is preparing to announce a major announcement on the Minimum Support Price for farmers as well as preparing for the ordinance for dalit rights. Obviously, in the next few days, politics will be around these two issues and in 2019 the right two factor direction will be decided.

In the last phase, PM Modi can spend huge amount on welfare schemes. Ayushman plan will also launch on August 15. Apart from this, there is a program to connect 100 million people with the pension scheme. This means that there may be some big announcements for the next 100 days.

The opposition can now make a big movement on the job issue including petrol. That is why it is possible that the government has some measures to curb rising prices of petrol and diesel.

There are 4 Lok Sabha seats and bye-elections by 2019. Among them, there are three seats in Karnataka and one in Jammu and Kashmir. Two of them are still with the BJP. Now the bye-elections in these seats will have to be seen whether the unity of the JDS and the Congress will remain and what the BJP will bring in these elections.

Shiv Sena can not go with Congress and NCP in Lok Sabha elections He and the BJP will have to fight together in every condition. In such a case, it is inappropriate to rid the Sena of the defeat of the BJP in the by-election. Does anyone stare at a stumbling block even on their own?

Hindutva, nationalist forces should also not take lightly the objection to mobilization of Christians by the fatwa issued by Deoband and mobilization of Christians by Archbishop. To defeat separatist forces, more and more nationalist forces have to vote.

This is the message of these bye-elections.