Must take tough decisions, India should not combine alliance government: Doval

Addressing a program, NSA Ajit Doval said: If India is to become the world’s largest force, then there will be a stable, strong and decisive government for the next 10 years. Needs’ difficult decisions can give little relief to the people of the country for some time. But later these decisions prove milestone. ”
It is a folk song that the name of compulsion is Mahatma Gandhi. From the point of view of Doval, from my view, it can be understood that coalition governments mean the name of compulsion Mahatma Gandhi
Talking on the Kashmir issue, Ajit Doval, one of the five main comments he has made in his verdict, said: Jawaharlal Nehru did not consider Sardar Patel’s case on this matter.
In this editorial, I will try to present some historical facts by moving forward this comment.
History has been witnessed that Nehru’s love for Gandhiji forced Iron Man Vallabh Bhai Patel and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose etc. to become a scapegoat. The name of this compulsion had to be paid to the country after the very high price of Mahatma Gandhi.

The last date for filing nomination for the post of Congress was 29 April 1946 or say that the last date for the candidature of becoming India’s future Prime Minister was on 29 April 1946. This nomination was to be done by the regional units of Congress of 15 states.
Surprisingly, even though Gandhi (Rudddhuddhuddhuddh Traddh Sudhardt) opened the name of Nehru in so openly, the Congress Committee of one state did not support Nehru’s name. Rather, 12 out of 15 states have been named Sardar Patel (Stadrddhamk Kadddahlgadhyay) for the post of Congress President. The rest of the three states did not come forward with any name. It is clear that Sardar Patel had undisputed support, which was enough to make him the president of the Congress.
History is a testimony that the name of compulsion was due to Mahatma Gandhi, Patel and Kripalani had to withdraw their names before Nehru in front of Nehru.
But the question arises that why, despite Gandhi’s tremendous popularity, did Gandhi choose Nehru as the Congress president? After all, what was it like in Nehru that he supported Nehru’s name even after the voice of opposition?
Even when Rajendra Prasad heard of the withdrawal of Sardar Patel’s nomination for Nehru, he came out of his mouth that once again Gandhi sacrificed his confidante (Nehru) for his confidante (Sardar Patel) Given
This compulsion is named for Mahatma Gandhi, now also for Congress and opposition parties that the compulsion is Rahul Gandhi. This is the reason why the opposition is in the affair of Bhanumati in the turn of the General Assembly 99.
Right now for 2-3 decades, alliance governments in India, ie alliance-ruled governments are running. Now the Modi government is the NDA government and for the past ten years it has also been UPA governments and UPA 2 Alliance governments.
It is clear that in the manner in which the NDA government is involved, how can the Shiv Sena or the JDU be blackmailed? The same is also the UPA coalition.
Therefore, Ajit Doval says to mean that the name of compulsion is Mahatma Gandhi, that is, the compulsion should not be named Rahul Gandhi. India needs to be a major force in the world, then for the next 10 years, there will be a stable, strong and decisive government.