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Description: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, said that BJP is the biggest political enemy of his party and the country does not want both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. But Congress or JDS leader HD Deve Gowda can be accepted.

Being a Hindutva party, Shivsena succeeded in governing Maharashtra. He has been criticizing the BJP all the time while saying a party with ‘Soft Hindutva’.

Congress took several steps against the Hindus in the UPA regime. In the UPA regime, Ambika Soni of Congress conceded by filing affidavit in the Supreme Court for the destruction of the Ramsetu, that Ram is myth, not historical.

Rahul Gandhi went to America and said that Hindutva elements are more dangerous than the LeT in India. The then Home Minister Shinde and Chidambaram invented the words of Hindu terror and saffron terror and made attempts to divide the majority Hindu society of India.

With the view to distribute deception to the Hindus, Rahul Gandhi took the form of Janawardi Brahmin from the time of the Gujarat assembly elections.

Now Shiv Sena wants to see Rahul Gandhi of Congress and DevGowdas of JDS in the place of Modi as Prime Minister.

Former Indian Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and former Karnataka chief minister today became above 83. On June 1, 1996, Gowda was sworn in as the eleventh Prime Minister of India, in which led by United Front coalition of 14 parties supported by Congress and Left (318 MPs).

In the elections of 1996, no single party in India got majority.

In the elections of 1996, India gave a hanging verdict. The BJP emerged as the largest party to win 161 seats (+41), whereas the Congress managed 140 (-104), Janata Dal 46 (-13) and Left Front 44 (-5). Regional parties also performed very well (100 seats).

Shivsena and other family members and regional parties understand that the situation in 1996 will come again only after the 2019 elections.

With this thought, the comments of Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut can also be understood.

This is the reason behind the swearing-in ceremony of Kumar Swamy in Bangalore that the leaders of various parties gathered to claim the Prime Minister’s post and tried to show a mobilization.

It is worth noting that the Congress had withdrawn support to the Devgoda government by saying that the Prime Minister was not consulting the Congress on key policy decisions.

In short, Gowda was not able to stay in office for long to establish any important example.

A compromise candidate means accidental prime minister relying on Congress, there was no real agenda other than his existence. However, it is an inspiration for all the politicians because they gave them hope that they too could become the Prime Minister one day.

This is the reason that there is a long line of hopeful leaders to become Prime Minister: Rahul Gandhi, Maya, Mamta, Akhilesh, Lalu, Chandrababu Naidu, Chandrasekhar Rao etc.

Though Devgowda may have been above  83, but he thinks that the leadership of the coalition government in Malaysia can do 9 2 years of leadership, why not 83-87-year-old Devgoda? I mentioned in my article in the 2007 that Devgna was told by his astrologer that he could become Prime Minister again. This is why he is still a prime ministerial contender. The statement of Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut has also proved this.