Modi is the mantra of the government, not everyone has any excitement of development with everyone. But today the passport of a couple
The activities that have taken place in relation are for appeasement. Regardless of this favorable vote,
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On June 23, Amit Shah, the nation’s first prime minister of the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir,
Are ones.
Discussing Lalit Modi, Neerav Modi, Malya etc. regarding the fugos is not the subject of this editorial.
Vikas Mishra Passport Officer was transferred to Gorakhpur today because of his devotion
Elaborate trying to obtain passport based on half-incomplete questionable documentation.
Ask for clarification from the couple and clarify some essential documents. Further on Vikas Mishra
News was broadcast in TV channels regarding action taken.
Explain in connection with the false accusations put on by the married couple who have been inter-relation
Vikas Mishra came to the media today and gave her a clean sweep on the whole issue. Vikas Mishra said that
Tanvi Seth, wife of Mohammad Anas Siddiqui, kept his name hidden.
In response to the question of issuing a show-cause notice, the concerned officer said that he would reply to this notice
Will give Also said that Tanvi Seth, wife of Mohammad Anas Siddiqui, was hiding his name. In litem of death
His name is different and he used another name in the passport. Apart from that he said that
If, in the same way, by hiding all its real name and issuing a passport to another name, then with the protection of the country
Will be messing up
On this whole issue, the PRO of the Passport Office informed that issuing a show-cause notice to the concerned officer
has given. He has also been transferred to Gorakhpur. We regret the matter yesterday. Mohamed
Anas Siddiqui and his wife Tanvi were full of paper He was given a passport today.

Abhishek Mishra has a tweet in this regard:
If you are from Islam and you have a document or not, but your passport, our madam
Specialists will be able to make available in two hours. What is the Messiah of the Muslims? – 3:18 pm
21st Match 2018
In this connection, another comment is also of Adarsh ​​Gupta: Tanvi Seth, make a passport. Go abroad. Sushma Swaraj
I will tweet again, this time because of the passport office due to Anis. Junket
He said that whatever charges have been leveled by Mohammad Anas Siddiqui and his wife Tanvi Seth are wrong.
Vikas Mishra said that he had asked Tanvi Seth to write only the name of his affidavit. Their
His name was Shazia Anas in the affair, but he did not want to show it. I want to name this name
He pleaded with them, but they refused. Not only that Vikas Mishra also questioned Tanvi’s address
Done He said that he was a resident of Noida, then he should have applied a passport in Ghaziabad, but
He was showing the address of Lucknow and taking a passport.
Meanwhile, Regional Passport Officer Piyush Verma told that the show-cause notice to the misbehaving officer
has been issued. He has been transferred with immediate effect. Verma told that couple Mohammed Anas
Siddiqui and Tanvi Seth have been issued their passports. Couple visits Verma at their office today
Computer Engineer Anas in Multinational Company Noida protested at the superintendent’s methodology in Noida. Afterwards
APO Vijay Dwivedi apologized on behalf of the department and sought written complaint from them. Superintendent’s behavior
Ahant Tanvi told that he has approached the PMO and the Foreign Minister about the entire episode.
Undertaking to be paid, will be investigated
Regional passport officer Piyush Verma says that he is not fully aware of the matter. Hindu wife
Hundreds of Muslim passports have so far become Muslim. In the passport, there is no connection between husband and wife’s separate religion
No, but if the husband and wife’s surname is separated, then according to the rules, the applicant has a written declaration on a plain paper
It is necessary to mention in which their marriage and surname are needed. I investigate the whole case on Thursday
I’ll get it If someone is found guilty then strict action will be taken against him.

Votabank politics has started without completing the investigation. Owaisi’s comment has come. Rahul Gandhi’s
The comment is also about to arrive.
I believe that this step of the MEA Ministry is for Muslim appeasement even if it is not for votes.
For applause
The tendency of such an evil is increasing.
Yashwant who has been a minister in the reign of Atal ji during the rule of the Pakistan-funded separatist Hurriyat
Sinha has said today: The BJP will spread communalism with the Kashmir issue, roam in elections. This is a vote bank
There is language for the welfare of the policy.
On the contrary, there is also a statement from a conscientious former RAW chief who has been published in India Today.
After the withdrawal of support from the PDP, the governor was given the eighth time in Jammu and Kashmir.
is. In such a case, Vikram Sood, former chief of the Indian intelligence agency Raw, believes that after this incident one in the valley
Again, the period of violence can return. He also says that after this political change in Kashmir
Pakistan can sponsor violence in the valley. However, he also believes that the security agency