People in the temple go to woo girls: Rahul Gandhi

Once, Congress President Rahul Gandhi himself gave a statement that people in the temple go to woo the girls. In an article printed in Congress’s mouthpiece National Herald, the character of the great Purushottam Lord Rama, Mata Sita, Draupadi, and Vishwamitra has been abusive.

Today, after seeing Rahul Gandhi in the Bramha Mandir, after reaching Puskar, the Hindu system of religion has been misused to mud on the Hindu Rituals.

After worship in Pushkar, Rahul Gandhi did not give the answer to the media himself. Congress gave this reply via Pujari of the Gandhi family, Partha Rajnath. Rajnath  told that Rahul Gandhi himself told him that his caste is  Dattatreya.

On the instructions of Sonia Gandhi during the UPA rule, the then Central Minister Christian Ambika Soni filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that Ram is a fictional person, she is not a celebrity, that is not a historical one.Rahul Gandhi should now also declare in affidavit  that he belonged to the Janeudhari  Brahmin Dattatreya Gothra.

  In Pushkar’s Brahma temple, Rahul Gandhi worshiped as  Brahmin and Dattatreya Gothra. Rahul’s first Congress leader CP Joshi got the bet of Brahmin caste. A few days ago, CP Joshi had said in a public meeting, ‘Is there anybody in the caste of Uma Bharati ji? Does Ritambhara caste know? If any one knows about religion in this country, then Pandit knows. “The question arises in such a way that the Brahmin card of Congress will make the road of the state easy to return?

Effect of Brahmins on 30 seats in Rajasthan:- In Rajasthan, the Congress has big faces such as CP Joshi, Girija Vyas and Raghu Sharma as a Brahmin face. In the state, 8 percent of the vote belongs to the Brahmin society. Brahmin voters have a crucial role in about 30 assembly seats in the state. Congress has handed over the command of party in charge to the hands of Avinash Pandey in Rajasthan. Apart from this, the President of Congress election campaign committee in the state is also Raghu Sharma who belongs to Brahmin society.

Stakes on Brahmins:–  As the Congress’s most prominent faces in the state, the party’s general secretary Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot are. These two faces do not come from the Brahmin community. This is the reason why Gehlot had to say in a program that there are not only in two Congress but five faces for CM in Rajasthan. In these they counted the names of three Brahmin faces.

In the 200 assembly seats of Rajasthan, if the ticket is to be spoken, Congress has made 20 candidates from Brahmin society this time, whereas in last election, Brahmin community had been given 17 tickets and there was no one in the Lok Sabha. However, in the bye election, the Congress had made Raghu Sharma as a candidate for the Ajmer Lok Sabha seat and he has won the party’s account by winning the victory, the Congress has again betrayed Brahmin.

As expressed above, after the worship in Pushkar, Rahul Gandhi did not give the answer to the media himself. Media received this reply from Pujari of the Gandhi family, Pujari Rajnath . Rajnath told that Rahul Gandhi himself told him that his caste is  Dattatreya.

If Rahul considers the statement of the infamous Rajnath  as his statement, then he should give affidavit in court in the same manner as his UPA government had affirmed by the court that Ram is Myth a fictional.

Purohit Rajnath  also needs to declare affidavits by declaring that according to the Hindu religion system, the son of Firoz Khan’s son Rajiv Gandhi and his son Rahul Gandhi should not be according to Feroz Khan but according to the Indira Gandhi means that according to grandfatherHere it is appropriate to present some examples in this regard.Salman Khan’s mother is Hindu and father Muslim They give themselves the name of a Muslim by not calling them Hindus.Similarly, Sanjay Dutt’s mother is a Muslim and father is Hindu Sunil Dutt. So he names himself as Sanjay Dutt.

In this way, almost all Indians declare themselves. Rahul Gandhi and Purohit Rajnath make it clear that unlike all the facts mentioned above, which Hindu method did Rahul Gandhi  become Brahmin Dattatreya?

 It is also worth noting that Pandit Nehru himself had declared that he was a Hindu, was a Muslim from culture, and English with education,Following this, Rahul Gandhi also went to the US and said that there is more danger than the LeT terrorists to India from Hindu terror.Following the same policy, two alleged Hindu home ministers of the UPA regime had propagated the word Hindu terrorism.

In the end, one thing is clear and obvious. When was Priyanka Gandhi’s marriage to Robert Vadra, the pastor Christian was told that Priyanka Gandhi is a Catholic Christian? The pastor did not accept this. That is why he said that Priyanka Gandhi would have to adopt the process of becoming a Catholic Christian again and it was done by Gandhi family too.