India and Iran have planned to overcome the trick of US sanctions by working on the barter system, on a new method of buying crude oil together.

1. India’s Prime Minister Modi has made it clear that despite strong reactions by the United States, it will not weaken its relations with Iran.

2. Similarly, US President Trump had also threatened India on the S-400 agreement being done by Russia. But India’s Modi government is not scared and the agreement happened.

3. In the same way, Pakistan also threatened Musharraf that if India does the same as the surgical strike in Myanmar, then Pakistan’s nuclear bombs are not meant for splash in marriage, but to answer India. This threat also resulted in India’s Modi government not scared and surgical strikes.

4. Rahul Gandhi, who is making an international conspiracy against the Modi government, should say anything but one of America’s top defense expert Homes has said that India is behaving like “a mature power” in the ongoing demise of Sikkim, Appears as a teenager.

5. Prime Minister Narendra Modi refused to support China’s One Belt One Road project at the Sovereign Summit. At the same time, China also gave clearance to respect for transparency and sovereignty.

India is the only country in outstanding member countries, which is not supporting the Chinese project.

In this way, we see that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is such a Chanakya that his courage is fought in the world without taking the war and making constant decisions in the interest of India.

India and Iran are working together on new ways to pay for crude. India buys crude oil from Arab countries and Tehran proposes to adjust it with imports of rice and other items. After this, the payments which are left to be paid in the Euro

A few days ago, India came to visit Iran’s President – Modi’s meeting with him was agreed to increase the import of crude oil. In the next financial year, Iran will export more than 5 lakh barrels of crude oil daily to India. This export will be around 25 million barrels throughout the year. This will be 35 percent higher than the year 2017-18. This year, India will buy about 18.5 million barrels of crude oil from Iran. India imported 214 million barrels of crude oil during the year 2016-17.

The administration of American President Donald Trump is taking a tough stand against Iran. It wants all oil imports from Iran to end by November, and it is not clear if any waiver will be granted. Under previous sanctions under Barack Obama, the government allowed the nations to continue buying at lower levels. This means that the countries will not be able to trade with Iran, and by doing so, they can take the risk of approving themselves.

But India has made it clear that despite strong reactions by the United States, it will not weaken its relations with Iran. The Petroleum Ministry issued a statement that despite India’s sanctions, India would continue oil trade with Iran.

India is not endangering its relations with Iran nor will it break its relations with Russia. In addition, the country will maintain its defense relationship with the United States.

India’s strategy

In fact, India has planned to enter into a new trade agreement with Iran, which will be effective from November 4, 2018 to remove the American sanctions against Iran’s payment of dollars. Under this new agreement, Iran In return for crude oil purchased from India, rice will be sent from India. This is a modern form of old style barter system. When we give something in return for getting something, then our dependence on the dollar will be less and the rupee will get a new life.

India is already following the Barter system with the Soviet Socialist Republican Union. Now with Iran, it will also take advantage of this system. India’s barter system with Iran will be effective from November this year.

The US has banned the dollar payments with Iran, but it has no right to question the prevailing barter system between the two countries. The government has carefully and actively taken advantage of this 4 year old. It is called an arrow with two targets. This is the style of Prime Minister Modi’s rule. Iran is also happy and even India is happy. America is also moving along with India and India is also running with Russia.

India has now entered a new era where it is mainly concerned about its interests and later rests all things. This is the representation of New India. This is not an old India, which will keep the country at stake. This is the new India of Prime Minister Modi; We have a powerful government which is not afraid to take any decision under international pressure while talking about national interests. By using diplomacy, perseverance or power, we will move forward with our own interests.