Modi is not only from the Yogi Phobia but also with RSS Phobia Rahul Gandhi They want to occupy the Yen-Ken-Ruktan power.

His ancestor Nehru also accepted the partition of India by stabbing Mahatma Gandhi on the back of his desire to become Prime Minister. It is worth mentioning that when Nehru was celebrating the Independence Day on 15th August 1947, at the same time, Mahatma Gandhi was mourning at an unknown place in a corner of Bengal, was immersed in gum.

It has been written a number of times that Rahul Gandhi and his Congress are running their election campaign in collaboration with the urban Maoists of Ganges separatists.

Just two or three days before the speech of the Pakistan in which the representative of the Pakistan gave the words of the RSS and the Yogi repeatedly referring to those words, Rahul Gandhi and his Congress were using the word Modi government and against RSS. It is clear from this that the enemy of India is with Pakistan Rahul Gandhi.

On the instructions of Rahul Gandhi, where the Khalistani terrorists are trying to make their reinstatement, Congress government minister Navjot Singh Sidhu was hugging with Bajwa and sitting beside the PM of the POK. What does it point to?

Just a day or two ago, the airplane of Pakistan was in the border of India. In that aeroplane, the PM of Pakistan-authorized POK was also sitting. What does it point to?

In a debate about terrorism in the United Nations General Assembly, the Pakistani diplomat used a word which was interestingly created by the Congress Party hierarchy. “Hindu extremist” is a word that Congress was first associated with RSS and Bharatiya Janata Party.

On several occasions, Congress labeled BJP and RSS as a ‘Hindu extremist’ organization. During the recent state elections, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddarayya, called the Bharatiya Janata Party “Hindutva Extremist”.

A WikiLeaks diplomatic cable reveals that Rahul had warned Timothy Rommer of the then US Ambassador that the rise of the “radical Hindu group” that created religious tensions in India, the country’s notorious terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Compared to the country, a greater risk can arise.

It is clear from the fact that Rahul Gandhi and his Congress have kept the basis of what the RSS and Yogi mentioned in the attack by the Pakistani representative in the UN, attacking India.

Now, based on the steig operation and other news on Republicans in Republican TVs, it concludes that the target of China, the urban Naxalite, the fragmented gang, the separatists and the Khalistanis is also the same as the RSS as the Congress.

With this, it becomes clear that

Enemy’s enemy friend

Modi government’s enemy meets Congress, along with India’s enemy China-Pak-Pakistan-Khalistanis