Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing the OBC convention at the Talkatora Stadium on Monday, Rahul, with the help of Shankhi, wanted to encroach the Modi government and said, “The work does something that is done by Congress and the benefit is to someone else, that is, BJP.”

It seems the Rahul Brigade can not forget Pakistan. The above statement was taken by Rahul Gandhi while imitating Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal had said a few days ago that India borrowed Pakistan’s economic and reform plans and successfully implemented it, while “we have missed the opportunity on a large scale due to political instability.” Iqbal said , “During the 90s, then Indian Finance Minister Manmohan Singh gave his Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz to the economic reform strategies Borrowed and successfully implemented them in India. ”

Rahul Gandhi’s leader Congress leader and former MP of Digvijay Singh, several social media users, with proof in their tweets, told that the bridge which Digvijay has painted is actually Pakistan’s. Pakistani journalist Adil Raza shared this picture in February 2016.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is briefly introducing his “Divine Knowledge”. In this episode one has again tried to enlighten the people of the country. This time he has told a pharmaceutical expert as a scion soldier.

Actually, Rahul Gandhi was speaking at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi on June 11, in which he said that those who started the Coca-Cola Company, used to sell sugarcane in the USA.

It is worth mentioning that it is important for Rahul Gandhi to know the person who is called a Chengia seller. John Pemberton was a pharmaceutical expert. In 1886, he had prepared a beverage by mixing many medicines and chemicals, which is also known today as Coca Cola. It has become a major company and brand in the world. On this divine knowledge of Rahul, people started trolling them.

So their social media team became active too. Do not be fooled by Rahul, so edit the profile of John Pemberton in Wikipedia. However, if you do some edit in Wikipedia, then it is written that the profile or this article has been edited. His time is also given. Obviously Rahul Gandhi was caught here too.

Rahul Gandhi should also keep the information of his country. They are trapped by giving examples of foreign affairs in everything. They should also know that every Indian does not look like big dreams by taking birth in a particular family like them. The Ambani Brothers who nowadays this morning and evening, read the biography of their founder Dhirubhai Ambani, then they will understand how an Indian can create a big business empire because of the struggle. Hundreds of such examples have been filled up in the country, but who will be able to help him to understand the wisdom of Rahul?

Rahul Gandhi troll again on this topic

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is getting a bar on his speech and then trolling on social networking site Twitter. Addressing an OBC conference at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi on Monday, Rahul Gandhi said that the person who started the Coca-Cola Company was selling sugarcane in America, he used to mix sugar in water. Her actress was respected, she was honored and Coca Cola became a company. In the conference, Rahul also said that McDonald used to run the Dhaba for the company, you should show me the dhaba in Hindustan, which has created a Coca Cola company,

Rahul Gandhi and his mentor Digvijay Singh and other Congress leaders should not have broadcasted the news. With this kind of act, they do not only spoil their image but also make huge losses to the Congress.