Is this the reason why Rahul Gandhi has done elanen jang war with Imran Khan to remove Congress and Pakistan are united to remove the Modi Government? Now, is Rahul Gandhi’s choice for any Pakistani girl after turning down the Colombian and Spanish girl? Like Shashi Tharoor’s Mehar Tarar and Amarinder Singh’s Arusha Alam.

News of December 2, Sunday: – New weapon of terror, Honey Trap from social media. About two weeks ago, on November 17, a woman named Saeed Shajia was arrested from Bandipora. her age is 30-32 years. She used to trap youth in his network on social media and lured him to meet arms and ammunition from one place to another.

Terrorist organizations in Kashmir valley are using Honey Trap to woo youth>> Beautiful women on social media lure young people to lure them with arms to smuggling

>> Use as a guide for terrorists infiltrating stranded youth in Honey Trap>> On 17th November, the woman named Sayed Shazia was arrested, many other women in the valley are also active.

Captain Sidhu said in Hyderabad that the caption (chief Minister of panjab) might be caption in the army. But he is not the caption of him. His Caption is only Rahul Gandhi   .Navjot Kaur Siddhu also said that her husband is a leader of the new generation of Congress, who believe only and only Rahul Gandhi’s words.

Union Minister Smriti Irani has demanded an explanation from Rahul Gandhi that needs to answer about Navjot Singh Sidhu’s conduct. during his visit to Pakistan for the Kartarpur Corridor program and his statement insults the Chief Minister of his state.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also said that the ongoing dispute is between the “three captains” in the Congress. Congress President Rahul Gandhi, along with Pakistan, is making a dangerous conspiracy against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government. Rahul Gandhi’s nephew Navjot Singh Sidhu has disclosed this. Sidhu has said that he went to Pakistan only on the advice of Rahul Gandhi and met Pakistan PM Imran Khan there. Pakistan’s Imran Khan and Rahul Gandhi are one to pronounce  elanen Jung : Congress-Pakistan will joined hands remove Modi Government. Clearly, Pakistan has been disturbed by the siege of Prime Minister Modi and here in India the Congress party also wants to remove the Modi government at any cost.

That is why Congress and Pakistan have joined hands. It is notable that it was noteworthy that on the instructions of the Congress high command earlier, Mani Shankar Aiyar also went to Pakistan and sought assistance from the ISI to remove the Modi government?

It is also appropriate to remember one more incident in this context. During the Gujarat assembly elections, a secret meeting at Manishankar Aiyar’s house was organized to cover up a conspiracy. Manmohan Singh and Hamid Ansari on the directions of the Congress high command and some other blind devotees of Ten Janapatra, where present at that meeting to shake hand Foreign Minister Kasuri and Pakistani ambassador.

Khalistani terrorist Gopal Chawla has taken his photographs with Sidhu and got viral in social media. But when criticized Sidhu said, I do not know Chawla. Similarly, in Hyderabad December 2, he had said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi had sent him to Pakistan.

Not only that, Siddhu had also disclosed that after his returning from Pakistan, Congress leaders such as Shashi Tharoor, Surajwala and Harish Rawat raised their enthusiasm by patting his back. But today, the same  Navjot Sidhu who is saying that he did not go Pakistan by the instruction of Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Navjot Sidhu is now fame of social media: After the defectors, anti-country protesters now become Paltu Siddhu-Budhu. The media should now stop glorifying politicians as well. If a leader gives a statement before the media, then he should be brought to light. But later, if he speaks the white lie and rejects it then it would be good if the media did not discuss this to highlight the white lire.

Rahul Gandhi is likely to be trapped in the Pakistani Honey Trap. This is the possibility we have expressed that before his party’s top leader Shashi Tharoor and presently Punjab’s Chief Minister Amarinder Singh have also been trapped in the Honey Trap.