conspiratorial pitch in Kartarpur corridor Is  Plotted by Imran Khan.who wants to divide india for making siddhu the pm of so called Khalistani. In 1960 nehru & Chow – en- Lai embraced each other, that photo was published in my students’ Hindi weekly (“Badhte Chalen ”) From Delhi.

Today, I am reminded of Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan and Navjot Singh Sidhu, the Congress ambassador sent by Rahul Gandhi, who embraced each other’s praise. After that incident, in 1962 how Nehru’s Defense Minister Comrade Krishna Menon played bloody cricket for China, it is known to all of you.

It seems that now in the corridor of Kartarpur Corridor, Pakistan’s current PM Imran Khan has made a conspiratorial pitch as the Kaurav had prepared a laksha Grih for the Pandavas,

Siddhu Said – Hindustan Jeeve – Pakistan Jeeve – My Yaar Imran Jive Imran Khan Said – Siddhu Would win in Pakistan being very popular in Pakistan. Imran Khan gave Sidhu the invitation to contest elections from Pakistan This proposal seems to be that in the near future, they can send a similar proposal to Rahul Gandhi by Dreaming that it is possible that in the future, Siddhu Might be PM of So Called Khalistani .

BJP spokes Person ,Sambit Patra had said that the majority of the common Indians want Narendra Modi to be the prime minister again but Pakistan wants Rahul Gandhi to be the prime minister Instead of modi. Various comments and tweets of Pakistani leaders, including Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, were also mentioned this intention.

The concerned Sambit Patra said, “What is the coincidence of this thread of similarity between Congress and Pakistan? Or it is more than co-Incidence, He said “ Congress leaders have commented on the situation in India, and Pakistan’s methods have supported them, I would say that this is part of a design and there is no co-incidence.” In this context, he said that Congress President Mr. Gandhi used the ‘surgical strike’ in political debate to insult the Indian army and joked about it. ‘… Pakistan used Rahul Gandhi’s remarks from the for this.

Current leaders such as Pakistan’s leaders Fawad Hussain and former Home Minister Rehman Malik have used them. Rehman Malik says that Rahul Gandhi is your next Prime Minister (India) because he understands. ” He said that Mr. Malik also tweeted that Prime Minister Modi must be replaced by Rahul Gandhi. “It is certain that some people want Rahul Gandhi to be raised as a big leader in India. “Rahul Gandhi says Modi’s removal.

Prior to Sonia Gandhi’s instructions, Mani Shankar Aiyar had gone to Pakistan to ask the ISI to remove Modi’s government?

The developments that took place in the presence of Sidhu in Pakistan, in the context of the Kartarpur Corridor today, appear to be that Khalistani angle in Pakistan’s Kartarpur event. Imran Khan and Sidhu are both famous cricketers. Together, the duo have prepared the conspiratorial Pitch in Lahor Kartarpur corridor.

Jinnah and Pandit Nehru were power greedy. In order to gain power Nehru & Jinnah accepted the division of India in 1947, to become the head of state of its own countries. In the same way, Rahul Gandhi wants to become the Prime Minister anyhow by hook or by crook as Nehru became the Prime Minister of India.

Sidhu wants to deceive his own country India as done in 1962 then Defense Minister Comrade Krishna Menon.

Khalistani angle at kartarpur corridor in lahor and , and since 1947, to support the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, they want to make their conspiratorial pitch  goals successful?

India’s 130 core people believe this mantra of PM Modi of India “ Sabka Sath Sabka Vikash” to strengthen the unity of India.