Rahul Gandhi was born in Christian family in Italy. There is Vatican City right there. This is the reason that Rahul Gandhi is with the hand of Christian missionaries. At the time of the Gujarat assembly election, the Christian cleric had given a fatwa that the Nationalist Party BJP should not be voted. Similarly, during the Karnataka assembly elections, the Christian Archbishop had issued a fatwa that the BJP should not be voted.

Similarly, the fundamentalists and separatists are also in the hands of the Congress. The Congress is a supporter of the Hurriyat. With the help of Pakistan, he is looking at the power of unleashing India and trying to grab power.

Under the conspiracy, today Congress has supported the conspiracy the establishment of the Shariat Courts to set up separate courts for Muslims, and the fundamentalist Muslim Personal Law Board has supported the Congress.

Actress Koina Mitra has given the people who advocate Sharia law!

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board is now planning to open Darul-kaja-ie Shariat court in all the districts of the country to resolve issues according to Islamic laws. This proposal will be presented in the meeting of the Muslim Personal Law Board in Delhi on July 15 for discussion. The Law Board is considered to be the largest organization of Muslims in the country.

On the other hand, against the ruling of the Muslim Law Board from BJP to SP, they are standing against this decision. BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi also blamed the All India Muslim Personal Law Board on this matter. “You can discuss religious matters, but the judiciary is important in this country. Sharia courts have no place in the villages and districts of the country. The courts of the country work under the law. Our country is not the Islamic Republic of India. ”

This is the case – it is significant that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) had said that it would consider increasing lawyers to introduce lawyers, judges and common people to Shariah law.

Since Rahul Gandhi has been the President of the Congress since then, he has been forming the form of openly polynomial Brahmin and dividing Hindus and becoming the biggest supporter of radicalism and separatism. Following the policy of divide and rule like the British, they have dreamed of becoming the Yen-Ken-Rukt Prime Minister.

We hope that they will definitely dream of becoming Prime Minister, but do not try to dissolve the unity of India.