Nehru and Jinnah stabbed Mahatma Gandhi’s back and divided India into two pieces and became the ruler. Examples of post gluttony can be more and more.
Now Feroze Khan’s grandson Rahul Gandhi is plotting to break India with Pak and Nehru and Jinnah’s footprints, together with Pakistan and China.
Congress has always been dependent on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, so there is nothing else other than Rahul. Rahul-Rahul will also murmur in Congress leader’s dream.
After Nehru, Congress has always fought on Gandhi’s name. The famous surname helps in popularity in politics.
This is similar to the famous G. Claus of America. GC was used in America that if your grandfather voted you could vote in the US. Since the majority of blacks in America were not America’s grandfather, who had never voted, the effect was that black people could not vote.
Similarly, GC Gandhi appears in India, if you are associated with the ruling Gandhi tribe, then you are capable of self rule. It does not matter what your personal accesses are, what your thoughts are, what your attributes are, what your eyesight is, it all matters that you are in any way related to the Nehru-Gandhi clan.
“We have the people of India, India to achieve the status of a complete sovereign democracy and the equal rights of the freedom, opportunity and opportunity for all the citizens of its social, economic and political justice, thought, expression, faith, religion and worship. In order to increase the morale of the person and the dignity of the person and the unity of the nation in all of them, by making a determination to increase the bondage in its Constituent Assembly Today, on date 26th November, 1949 AD (Mithi Margshitra Shukla Saptami, a total of two thousand six records), hereby adopt this Constitution adopted, over-regular and spirit. “Obviously there is no secular word anywhere but Congress Due to the policy of the country, the picture of another division is emerging according to the population in the country today.

The sons of Firoz Khan’s grandson and Christian Antonio Mano are now deceiving the people of India’s temple-temple Matha tech in Hindu Varna Pariwar. They are doing all this for dividing India.
His guidance, Shashi Tharoor, is also running on his instructions. They sometimes compose the word ‘Hindu Pakistan’, then sometimes the Good Hindu Bad Hindu Shashi Sharur said that the good Hindus do not want to have a Ram temple on the controversial land of Babri Masjid. He also said that any good Hindu does not want that the Ram Temple is built after the demolition of another religious shrine.
Shashi Tharoor, the discovery of Good Hindu Bad Hindus, may have come in contact with his alleged Pakistani journalist, Detective Mehr Tarar.
It is noteworthy that the former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and other Pakistan leaders had composed words of good Taliban and Bad Taliban.
According to him, those Taliban terrorists spread terror against Afghanistan and India’s Kashmir, the good Talibani and the Taliban terrorists spread terror in Pakistan, Bad Talibani
When Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi had said that the police of Gujarat was communal. Further, he said that police of BJP ruled states are communal and police of Congress ruled states are secular.
From all these facts, it seems that the leaders of Congress and Congress have become colored in Pakistani and Chinese colors. They are spreading lies on the lie to grab the Yen-Ken-Rukt power.
Rahul Gandhi is propagating Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Goebbels, lying on the lie and broadcasting the fek news in social media. The public should be cautious.