Today’s news is that if son fails in four subjects in 10th, then the kin of the families, the procession, fireworks and sweets also be distributed so that the child is not victim of depression. More than that, today’s news is that the JDS candidate, who defeated the Siddaramaayya Congress candidate, is going to give unconditional Congress party support, which means the Congress party is spreading Jules of the expanded JDS.

Congress’s retired Chief Minister Siddaramaayya won the seat by winning the 36,042 votes by GT Deve Gowda (JDS) from Chamundeswari seat. He defeated Congress’s Chief Ministerial candidate Siddaramaiah.

It is noteworthy that DK Shivkumar contested against Deve Gowda in the Lok Sabha elections but lost. Although Devgoda had won the elections from two seats, he left the seat of Sahanur and won DK Shiv Kumar bye byelection.

Now today we have come to know that this is only going to support BJP’s Yadurappa with the DK Shivkumar Congregus and some MLAs of JDS. Probably DK Shivkumar become the Deputy Chief Minister

Compared to the IPL match, the battle of power is becoming more interesting after Karnataka election results. There is now a report that 8 Congressional legislators of Congress are ready to leave the Congress party, in opposition to JD (S) decided to give unconditional support to the Congress.

Total 19 MLAs in talks with BJP From 9 JD (S), 8 Lingayat MLAs and 2 other Congress MLAs from Congress. Sources said that JD (S) MLAs are continuously interacting with BJP.

Earlier, former Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. BS Yeddyurappa had met the Governor and assured that his party would prove majority. But as soon as the reports claimed that the Congress and JD (S) would deposit their MLAs in the resorts so that they could stop the rebellion.

Congress and JDS legislators can be held hostage in the resorts of Andhra Pradesh or Punjab to prevent revolt.

The possibility is that the Governor of Karnataka, using his discretion, has the ability to provide a permanent government and prove the majority in the floor test, the BJP leader who administered the oath of office to prove the majority in the floor test within one week. Tell them.

JDS MLA has defeated former Congress Chief Minister Siddaramaayya. The Congress has been reduced from 122 to 78, which means its 44 seats have been reduced. On the contrary, the BJP has increased from 40 to 104 and it is the largest party. Therefore, it is possible to protect the values ​​of democracy, give the Governor Yadurappa the first chance. And this is good for democracy.