The Congress wants to form government with the Maoists on the Nepal model on the Chinese side. This nomination has kept its election office in Beijing in Beijing in terms of 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Similarly, Congress has kept its election office in Islamabad in Pakistan for the 2019 elections. The anti-BJP parties do not believe in Rahul’s leadership, or they want ‘weak Congress’. In order to hide its weakness, Congress has made Rahul Gandhi Hitler’s publicity minister Goebbels. Rahul Gandhi has started putting Modi-Modi, RaphaelraFel, Sangh Sangh, Mallya-Neerav Rut from the beginning. This is because they are doing their own to Modi’s alternative conscience on behalf of the Prime Minister, the way Rahul Gandhi’s father had opened Ramlala’s lock for playing the Hindu card and later the Shahbans case to get Muslim votes The law was rebuffed. Firoz Khan’s grandson Rahul Gandhi has been explained that due to the defeat of Congress, he has to appear as a Muslim party.

To eradicate this image, he has now become a multipyriyed Jainousari Ram Bhat, Shivbhath, Narmada devotee. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, invented Shashi Tharoor of Hindu Pakistan Shad for Muslim appeasement, Ghulam Nabi Azad, who compared RSS to ISIS and Digvijay Singh, who saw the RSS hand in 26/11 and called Zakir Naik as a pacifist, The drunkards have left like elephants. The Congress has been alleging from the very beginning that it is the responsibility of the enemies to remove the Modi government.

Wants to take along After independence, the Congress, who has enjoyed most of the time, wants to win the 2019 Lok Sabha election in every situation. In order to win the elections, he has been trying for weapons like regionalism, regionalism, casteism and communalism. Now he is not hesitant to join hands with the enemy of Pakistan to remove the Modi government. The Congress is seeking help from Pakistan to remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Saa, Congress is campaigning in Pakistan with advertisement with Modi slogan “Remove Modi on the country”. BJP spokesperson related Patra on the issue says that Congress wants to tarnish the image of Hindus.

Attempts are made to present the Hindus badly. Attacking Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, he said that in the hearts of Hindus, it is a matter of humor against Muslims, it is to undermine the Hindus.

The concerned Patra said that Ghulam Nabi Azad, or you want to go camping in Pakistan. So you do not like Hindus, so in Pakistan, Congress gives facebook aid. Let the Congress party publish a post on their official Facebook page, the topic of which is Modi’s removes, save the country. BJP has alleged that this Facebook post has also been sponsored by Congress for Pakistan. There have been many occasions before that when the Congress and Pakistan got together to see the factionalism. The people of the country also remember that when Pakistan demands evidence on surgical strikes, Congress also demands it. Clearly, the Congress has come down against the nation in the guise of political opposition. You will remember that on 23rd September, 2018, former Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik

It was said that Rahul Gandhi would be the next PM of the country, so his respect was done in the mandatory accent, from his tweet that Pakistan is openly campaigning for Rahul Gandhi. It is clear that the Congress and Pakistan have only one agenda – ‘Modi hoax’. On September 23, Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on Pakistan’s information minister Fawad Chaudhary retweeted the tweet on the issue, it is enough to prove the connection between Pakistan and Congress. June 2018: Ghulam Nabi Azad calls army army dead, Lashkar-e-Taiba supports April, 2018: Congress has put a picture of Jinnah convicted of country partition.

Openly supported December, 2017 Congress leaders met with Pakistani officials to seek support of Muslims in Gujarat elections. P. Chidambaram supported the independence of Kashmir in October 2017, and sought more autonomy. Year 2016: Digvijay Singh has called Kashmir “India’s Poisoned Kashmir”. November 2015 – Mani Shankar Aiyar said, remove them (Modi government), bring us and there is no way. November 2015 – Salman Khurshid condemns India’s closure of talks with Pakistan Year 2014 -DigVijay Singh Pak

The terrorists addressed Hafiz Saeed with ‘G’ and ‘Saheb’. July 2009 – Manmohan Singh had accepted Pakistan’s allegations on India. 2006 Manmohan Singh said that like India, Pakistan is also suffering from terrorism.

Pakistan and Congress have ‘jugalbandi’ among themselves for the removal of PM Modi. Let us tell you that a few days ago Pakistani journalist Mubasher Lukman had also written, “If Modi wins again in India in 2019 then we will not have any work with Pakistanis, and Pakistan will not be anywhere.” Lukman had said, “To defeat Modi in 2019, those who have stood against Modi in India, we should help all of them, so that all of us can together meet Modi in 2019.