The question of the people? Romantic Nehru, ND Tiwari, Tharoor Why the Congress

Under the Rudgenshash campaign, Union Minister M.J. Politics has been puffed up on allegations against Akbar. Opposition is constantly demanding Akbar’s resignation. In the meantime, Congress leader Anand Sharma made a press conference and attacked the Modi government. He asked why PM Narendra Modi is silent about MJ Akbar, they have to answer this.
In response, there is a convincing non-Congress parties and people why Congress is silent on Pandit Nehru.
Edwina Mountbatten and so on, what kind of romantic affairs were from Pandit Nehru, from many reputed women, the public domain is filled up.
It is said about Pandit Nehru that he was a foreigner. It may be a matter of research that why did Mahatma Gandhi think of Indian culture as a symbol of Western culture? Pandit Nehru himself had said that he was born in a Hindu family, but from the culture he is a Muslim and with education, the English
How Rahul Gandhi, son of Christian Sonia Gandhi, son of Firoz Khan grandson, is a subject of research.
In the same way, the case of sexual abuse had also led to Congress President Rahul Gandhi, why did Rahul Gandhi not give up on allegations while alleging that time?
In the same way, the question arises that even on the elderly ND Tiwari, who was the Vice-President of All India Congress, when Ujjwala, the daughter of a woman, took the form of his father ND Tiwari, then why was the Congress silent? While accusing, he was the governor. Why did not the Congress take her from her?
Due to such an incident with Tiwari, the whole country was shaken. 32-year-old Rohit Shekhar, a resident of Delhi, accused a young young man of serious allegation that Tiwari ji was his father. Rohit’s mother, Ujjawala, filed the court’s door in 2008. The case of being a father against Tiwari was started.
The court started investigating against Tiwari and his blood sample was taken and Rohit Shekhar and his mother were taken to DNA. Tiwari does not want his sister.Hi. The test was open but the court asked to make the public and later it came to know that Rohit Shekhar was his son.
Similarly, when Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar raised the issue of love affair with Shashi Tharoor, the Pakistani journalist (detective), why was the Congress silent at that time and why did not he say to give it to the minister? In this way, the history of Congress is filled with many countless examples.
Regarding adoption of Vishakha Guideline, the feedback that Kiran Kher has given in connection with the Meteor Campaign, she is a creative suggestion.
Similarly, famous Bollywood celebrities of Bollywood had also campaigned against sexual harassment. The money collected by these famous women also started collecting money to cover the expenses of the court cases. This can also be considered. We have seen that Asaram, Ramarham, etc. alleged sexually exploited criminals are also being punished in jail due to the law of India today. Therefore, just allegations will not work, whether sexual assertions are leaders or ministers are prosecuted against them.
A constructive suggestion that to hear the complaints of alleged women celebrities running a micro campaign, the court set a fast track court and adjudged a hearing in a time limit.
If the truth is asked, the families who are in India are campaigning for votebank politics after being trapped in the clutches of foreign forces due to Modi phobia.
The award was also for the politics of vote at the behest of foreign powers.
Similarly, in 2014 when the Lok Sabha elections were going on, some people had also threatened that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister then he would leave the country. But we saw that Modi became the Prime Minister and those who threatened did not leave the country.
Similarly, Jija Vadra of Jija Vadra of Rahul Gandhi, Tehseen Poonawala and some other people had run a not-in-my-name mementum at the behest of anti-India people in Pakistan. All this happened to defame the Prime Minister of India.
In this way, we see that creative justice should be given to the Congress and other gathering parties and the enlightened class towards solving the problems by not giving political nature to complaints of female victims suffering from sexual abuse. Not that this kind of social evil is politics.