Former President Pranab Mukherjee joined the program of National Self-Service Association on June 7. He also addressed himself to the volunteers as a special guest. His full address was on national, nationalism and patriotism.
Discussing in this regard, he told a country, a flag is necessary. The Congress of today, ie Rahul Gandhi’s Congress, presented the draft of a separate flag for Karnataka, just before the Assembly elections in Karnataka during his reign in Karnataka. Now the Congress should think about it.
Prime Minister Modi talks about 125 crore Indians only when everyone explains the mantra of development, none of the appeasement is appealing. The Congress should also think about this.
Pranab Mukherjee also said in his speech that India’s culture, civilization is centuries old. People from many religions, sects and culture came to India from time immemorial and they were adopted by Indians and they remained this.
The Congress will have to think that India is not a new under-construction nation. That is, India is not only after 1947. India is not the only kingdom of Nehru and Gandhi dynasty. Therefore, in the true sense, Congress should understand the address of Pranab Mukherjee.
At the time of Gujarat elections and at the time of Karnataka assembly elections, the fatwa issued by Christian Archbishop should be against the nationalism and against the nationalism that Vatican has endorsed. The fatwa issued by Deoband at the time of election did not match the address which Pranab Mukherjee had addressed.
Today’s present Congress will have to leave politics of violence. The way a lion has a human’s blood, it can not live without it. In the same way, the Congress has been in power etc. It can not live without power. Therefore, it is intent on supporting violence or encouraging violence.
The way in which the vulture sees only where there is a body of a deceased person, in the same way the President of the Congress and his leaders remain in the eyes of the person whose body is dead. He does not consider the corpse of the human being as the body of any Indian, and is interpreted by a person of a dalit, some or any other religion. All this does to the politics of divide and rule for votes.
The conspiracy was hatched against the nationalists. During the Manmohan Singh government, the then State Minister of State, RPN Singh, gave a detailed account of the banned Maoist Communist Party and its 74 Front organizations in response to a question asked in the Lok Sabha. The name of the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP), which was involved in the release of Maoists, was also included. It is mentioned in the letter of the people of this organization that getting legal and financial help from the Congress. Now the question arises that why those organizations which were considered by their government as Naxalites and terrorists, were provided support from the party. The letter has been told about the cooperation that Congress gets from the release of Maoist leaders arrested in the letter. According to the letter, some Congress leaders have talked about providing legal and financial support. In this regard, it has been instructed to take the services of Jignesh Mewani. According to CHI, the Congress party was allegedly providing financial resources to the Maoists. During the raid of Pune Police, a letter was received which was written on 2 January 2018 by Comrade Ru. The Maoists are referring to the Congress in the letter written to the Yalgard Council, that the Dalit movement will help in furthering the movement. Along with that, he says that Jignesh Mewani and Omar Khalid will work on the bridge between them and the Congress. Not only this, Ambedkar’s nephew Prakash Ambedkar has also been told about how he wants to take advantage of the Dalit movement together with the Maoists.
Today, as it has been published in the newspapers that the conspiracy of killing Prime Minister Modi and both Koregaon violence are linked and the Congress has a hand in this conspiracy.
Therefore, the Congress should think again that it is justified or unfair to take the path of violence to gain power.