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Description: Attack on black money and corruption on behalf of Modi brought the opposition to a stage in India. Hafiz Saeed is frustrated by the attack on terrorism and surgical strikes. This proves that the Modi government is moving forward in the right direction.

Cats run towards Haz after eating hundred-hundred mice This is not the saying but it has been transformed into reality during the Karnataka Legislative Assembly election campaign and after the recently concluded by-election.

Jayendra Chaudhary today is saying that the election of 2019 will not be Hindu-Muslim. This is why they have said this because the election of the Kairana Lok Sabha and the other by-election fatwa from Deoband came to the voting of Muslim voters and for the attack on the secular, democratic system of India circulated by the Christian priests

The only purpose of removing in any way of PM Modi should not be the move of opposition.

Today, Sanvit Patra wrote, “There is nothing new in that the Opposition Assembly wants to stop Modi from becoming Prime Minister in 2019. There are many other people besides MahaGathbandhan who want the same. Hafiz Saeed is openly talking about blaming Narendra Modi’s blood. ”

In this context, it is appropriate to recall that in the JNU, so called Afzal Guru’s martyrdom day and sloganeering of freedom, sloganeering of India’s ruin have also been behind Hafiz Saeed. Today, he is head of his new party and wearing a fake flag of democracy.

That is what Rahul Gandhi has also done to become imposter that is the Janawardi Brahmin. Rahul Gandhi himself reached the back of the freedom gang with Kejriwal and leftist leaders, the other opposition leaders. What does this indicate?

Mani Shankar Aiyar, who went to Pakistan on the instructions of the same Gandhis, had given interview in TV channel of Pak saying that to remove Modi, Pakistan wants ISI to help it.

Similarly, after this we saw that during the assembly elections of Gujarat, there was a meeting of the Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house in the darkness of the night in the  room, in which a meeting was held between Manmohan Singh, Hamid Ansari, former Pakistan Foreign Minister Kasuri and Pak Ambassador.

Only after that meeting Pakistan’s leaders, Aiyar had called Narendra Modi a bad man.

According to mns news, now on April 13, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamaiah went to Pakistan on a one-day secret tour with a Muslim MLA Jamir Mohammad Khan – and after that, Sonia went to Russia to inaugurate an exhibition of Indira Gandhi recently. There was also the chief of Pakistan’s party – all these facts clearly show that without Pakistan, there is no movement of Congress.

Whether it is in 2019 elections, the Congress should have an alliance with Pakistan, ISI, its army and Hafiz Saeed, for removing Modi Govt, the coalition seems still going on.

Politically, when we discuss the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, we will feel that there is a challenge to both the BJP and the Congress in 10 big states and 360 Lok Sabha seats.

Just like the fatwa was issued by Deoband during the UP by-election, in the same way during the Gujarat and Karnataka assembly elections, fatwas written by Christian archbishop had been broadcast, which Vatican had endorsed. We all know that Catholic Christian Sonia Gandhi is closely related to Vatican.

There are 360 seats of Lok Sabha (two-thirds seats) in 10 big states. If the BJP does not win much of the North and West states like 2014, then it will have to compensate its losses from South and East states. This will not be so easy as the BJP is not so strong in these areas. Similarly, there is a challenge in front of the Congress as the situation of the Congress on all these Lok Sabha seats, apart from Kerala and Karnataka, is similar to that of the BJP. That is why the challenge is in front of both of them.

The ten major states mentioned above are: Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Telangana and Kerala.