What will be the issue in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections like 2014, Moin Qureshi?
The lines of controversy arising between the top executives of the CBI are directly related to the Mita businessman Moin Qureshi. During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate Narendra Modi had put the UPA 2 government in jeopardy, describing the relationship between a Meite Export Company and Havala in a election meeting and a close aide of 10 Janpath. This issue has helped the BJP reach the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Now the alleged scandal of the CBI, the biggest investigating agency in the country, has come out due to the same Miyan Quraishi businessman. The elections of 2019 are close and in such a situation, the opposition Congress, especially the Congress, has defeated Mr. Satish Sana, a prominent leader of the Moin Quraishi, to defeat Modi’s weapon, which is a hoax in the CBI’s Asthana, which can be defamed by the Modi government.

But the Modi government has entrusted the Vigilance Commission to carry forward the investigation work of the CBI scam. This will clear the situation in a few days.

The manner in which the anti-Modi anti-government forces had created anarchy in the backdrop of the four Chief Justices for defaming the Supreme Court, in the same way, the conspiracy to defame the CBI and denigrate the Modi government is possible.

In the manner in which the then President of Togadia and President Raghava Reddy of the then Vishwa Hindu Parishad had done the trick but he could not succeed. In the same way, the scandal that is going on in the CBI seems to have ended and there will be no harm to the CBI image.

The CBI spokesperson has rightly said that the person is not for the country, CBI will not be bad. Similarly, after the completion of the Togadia era, the office bearers who came to the VHP also said that in any institution, especially in VHP the person is not of the importance. People go to the institution then they go. The importance of the institution remains.

Moin Qureshi was arrested for the first time during the 2014 elections. Narendra Modi also took his name during his rallies in 2014. Moin Qureshi had, at times, told his mouth during the UPA regime that he was getting the protection of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and could not take any action.

In his rallies, Narendra Modi had said that during the Congress rule, Qureshi had such a good relationship with the Congress that even after being in the radar, he had never been questioned. There is a long list of Congress leaders associated with Moines. All these are being investigated. This is the reason behind the CBI bribery scandal.

Last year, the arrest of Nimbalkar and Assistant Director NB Singh in the Lucknow court of ED was just a start. Through this raid, the CBI got an opportunity to enter the enforcement office and investigate the necessary documents. The CBI sources had said that the official information received from the SSP of Rampur was kept under the enforcement diarateate and did not allow him to investigate the activities of the Mita trader Moin Qureshi.

The ED has several pending complaints related to money laundering, which have not been investigated. Former CBI director Parvot of the alleged cage, CBI documents in the context of Ranjit Sinha show that Moin Qureshi visited his car (DL-12-CC-1138) several times to meet his CBI director Ranjit Sinha. Qureshi’s wife Nasreen Qureshi also went to meet Sinha for at least five times from her car (DL-7-CG-3436).

Both cars of Qureshi Dapti are registered with the name of their company AMU Frozen Food Pvt Ltd and C-134, Ground Lor, Defense Colony, New Delhi. Both of these cars have also been moving at the residence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi several times, in which Moeen and his wife are boarding.

Moin Qureshi’s daughter Parnia Qureshi has been married to Congress leader Jitin Prasad’s relative Arjun Prasad. Many leaders like senior Congress leaders Ahmed Patel, Kamal Nath, RPN Singh, Mohammed Azharuddin and Shashi Tharoor are among the top leaders in this list. These are the names of leaders who are going to sit on the house of Moin Qureshi regularly. The Moin family has been sitting regularly at Sonia’s house.

A charge sheet has been filed against Mune Qureshi, a charge sheet filed by the Enforcement Directorate during the Modi government’s rule. Congressman and other politicians who make scams after one trillion rupees after the last one escape from the grip of the law and if Narendra Modi does not become the Prime Minister, then all of these never openly appear.

According to the charge sheet, Qureshi used the services of Pakistan’s Hawala operators to transfer money abroad. Quraishi was using Hawala operator Parvez Ali and his cousin Farooq, who worked in Dubai Sanchez, to transfer money to Europe including other countries around the world. Qureshi had “collected” Rs 7.5 crore from two businessmen Pradeep Koneru and Satish Sena. This is what Satish Sana has been a villain in the CBI case.

Qureshi had promised Pradeep Koneru and Satish Sana to name the former CBI director Ranjit Sinha and AP Singh and they would help him in the cases of ongoing CBI. This is confirmed by the statements of BBM messages and witnesses.

Pradeep Koneru (who was previously accused in this case), witnessed in the money laundering case Pradeep Koneru Money Laundering case, said that Moin Kuresh