Rahul Gandhi’s Right Hand  Navjot Sidhu had said on October 13, 2018 (Sidhu) that the visit of Pakistan to him is better than the journey of South India. That means Pakistan is more important to them than South India.The said statement has also become true from his visit to Pakistan twice.

During the first visit to Pakistan, Hugging with the Pakistan Army chief Bajwa and in the second visit, Khalistan terrorist Gopal Chawla has photographed  with Siddhu and That photograph is broadcast by Chawla in the social media?

Congress leader and cabinet minister in the Punjab government, Navjot Singh Sidhu said in Hyderabad on Friday that party president Rahul Gandhi had told him to go to Pakistan. Siddhu is here to campaign for Congress election in Telangana.

In Telangana during the election campaign in Hyderabad Targeting  Telangana Chief Minister C. Rao, he said that he would be a bright color changeer than chameleon. Siddhu forgot that Debaladalu Sidhu himself is the color changer like most chameleons.

Sidhu said that leaders like Harish Rawat, Shashi Tharoor and Surajwala congratulated on returning from Pakistan.Definitely congratulating that he would have given Sidhu in the hymns of Bajwa and in the celebration of photographing his own photograph with Khalistan supporter Gopal Chawla.

Navjot Singh Sidhu said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi had told him to go to Pakistan.Congress and Rahul Gandhi are finding it difficult to accept that Sidhu’s visit to Pakistan and that was not the approval of the Congress’s highest leadership for his satanic trickery. OPIndia had earlier told that a special aircraft proposed  was arranged  by Rahul Gandhi  a few days before leaving for Pakistan.

Now, talking to the ANI, Sidhu has repeatedly said that his visit to Pakistan was with the central leadership of Congress. However, it is contrary to the Congress Party’s claim that Siddhu went to participate in the ceremony of the Kartarpur Corridor as his personal visit, on the basis of his personal friendship with the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Congress had earlier claimed that Sidhu had gone to Pakistan in his ‘personal capacity’.>>> : Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh expressed his displeasure on the visit of Sidhu. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said, “I asked him to reconsider his decision to go to Pakistan but he still went.”CM Captain Amarinder Singh said, “My captain is Rahul Gandhi, he is also the captain of the captain.Blaming Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism in India, Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh said, “I will not allow the increase in terrorism in Punjab.

For the first time, some terrorists from Kashmir were trying to establish a logistic base in Punjab. Pakistan is using these terrorists to execute its disgusting plans, but we will not allow it. “It is clear from the above review that on the one hand where Capt Amarinder Singh does not want to see the rise of terrorism in Khalistan again in Punjab. But the stand of Congress high leadership Rahul Gandhi.

It must be remembered that for the vote bank politics, Indira Gandhi promoted the Khalistani movement via Bhindranwale. Walking on Indira Gandhi’s food print, Rahul Gandhi now wants to revive the Khalistani movement again in India with the help of Pakistan through Siddhu and Gopal Chawla for vote bank politics.

They are doing this dangerous betrayer game in dreaming to be Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi secretly met the Chinese ambassador twice during the Doklan controversy for this same intention.

Rahul Gandhi should understand that for the sake of greedy power they will not push the Congress towards the country’s betrayer.