In order to understand Rahul Gandhi’s farmer rally, to understand his brother-in-law billionaire poor farmer Vadra, some contents of my books “DLF Vadra-Bhrsht Tantra” are presented here:

DLF VadraHooda is the creator of innovative methods of financial scandals. The innovative methods of these scandals have been followed in the scandals related to the National Herald by mother and son Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The author, warned, that Roma Gypsy is often found to be robbing the streets of Dublin. These thieves make gangs to steal.

This book, “DLF-Vadra-This chapter of corrupt system is especially related to DLF Vadra scandals, which have been exposed by the IAS officer Ashok Khemka.

Political leaders, particularly the UPA government leaders, have become identified as dangerous democratic wizards, in this category, transparent scandals of DLF Vadra come prominently. DLF Vadra-Cooked Account specializes in the art of black money converting into white.

These scams have happened in grabbing the land of Congress-ruled states, especially Haryana and Rajasthan farmers. The pepper spray in the Parliament was disastrous and very embarrassing. MP MPRajagopal MPs protesting against the Telangana bill sprayed chillies on the leaders, after which it got mixed in Parliament.

The news reached the whole world and the Parliament of India had to be ashamed. Did Vadra deceive the farmers’ land by scraping the law in the eyes of the law and buy it at the cost of the caudis and sell it for ten times twenty times, is not a shameful and extremely embarrassing and throwing black ink on the democratic form of India?

The wizard pokes the entertainment form and then returns it. Is Mr Robert Vadra, related to  DLF Chairman and son-in-law of Soniaji, a poor farmer of this kind? Like the robber Khadg Singh had stole a horse in the sage’s way, but later repented and returned the horse to Baba Bharati. Is the father of the Sunderman adopted by superstar Rajinikanth who is in the middle of his poor salary for the 30 years of his salary and the amount of Rs 300 million received from the American Government?

Hooda says: “Vadra is a small farmer and the Haryana government’s chief minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, a former Haryana Chief Minister regarding land disputes related to Robert Vadra, son of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, a small farmer. The policy has been that small farmers will get the benefit of development and urban projects. In an interview given to the English daily The Hindu, Hooda responded to the Vadra-DLF deal for the first time, on the investigation report of Ashok Khemka and the ongoing politics, the revolt of Gurgaon MP Indrajit Singh. According to Hooda, “His government’s policy has been that the farmers also get license, for the commercial use of the place, so that the growing urban development does not benefit the builders only. If a farmer earns profit by selling his license and land builder then what is wrong in it?

On the question whether you are calling Vadra a poor farmer of Haryana, Hooda said: ‘Vadra is the owner of land. If the land on which they have the right, then they become farmers. This dispute over this 3.53 acres is being done because Vadra is Sonia’s son-in-law. Whatever deal Vadra deals with, he is not illegal.

The farmers’ 10-day movement is nationwide and the appointee remains Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh, the same place where six farmers were killed in police firing a year ago. On June 6, Rahul Gandhi went to Mandsaur on the same day. The families of the dead farmers have refused to join Rahul Gandhi’s rally. They say that the rally is a political stunt. Why did Rahul Gandhi not come to their homes before this?