In this editorial we will discuss some pre poll survey which has been published in two newspapers today and two surveys were published today.

All these pre-poll surveys have been considered that PM Modi is still the most popular leader among the public as the Prime Minister.

While discussing all these surveys, I am remembering one sentence of Mahabharata. Both Kourav and Pandav reached the same time for help with Lord Krishna. At that time Lord Krishna asked the Kurus that they want help from my alone or want to get help from my Virat army. On this, the Kurus immediately demanded the Virat Sena. When Pandavas were asked, he said that we should not be the Vishal army but you just need Krishna God.

Similarly, in the public’s court, both the opposition and the BJP are begging for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The Leadership Opposition is presenting itself as a great coalition. While the BJP says that they want the guidance of Krishna as a ten-headed Ravana or not of the unarmed army which has been organized by the Kauravas, but Narendra Modi.

Modi Modi: 63 Surveyors for Prime Minister: Online Survey

More than 63 per cent of the people participating in the online survey, expressed their confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while 50 per cent said that the second term of Modi will give a better future to the country. News portal ‘DeliHant’ and data analyst Nielsen India, in a statement, claimed that their survey was based on the views of 54 million people in the country and abroad.

Similarly, in today’s newspapers, a congressional Congress has also been published, according to which the PM Modi is still the most loved among the public in India. But Rahul is also at a far less distant distance.

Two pre-poll surveys were published in newspapers today. According to a survey, the Times Now and the CNX, according to which the elections in Rajasthan are in November, according to the survey, 79 percent of Rajasthan people want to see Modi and 23 percent of Rahul as the prime minister.

According to the second poll, according to the Republic and the Seawater, Uttar Pradesh will be the election, the results will be?

UPA – 7.9

NDA – 43.9


Seat share project



Others – 44