Advice to the Rahul Gandhi of Kharda, the poison is not necessary, tasting is not necessary. It is clear from Congress’s activities and Rahul Gandhi’s recent statements in Germany and the UK that ISIS is ambitious for the Congress.

>> Mani Shankar Aiyar and Navjot Sidhu’s response to their Pakistan visit proves that the ISI for the Congress and Rahul Gandhi is oxygen.

>> Rahul Gandhi has now become a devotee of Lord Shiva in Brahminy Pradesh. In a way, it reveals a polymorphic form that Rahul Gandhi is a clone of Gurmeet Ramarahim and Asaram Bapu.

Since the beginning of the Congress Party and their leaders since 1947 there has been history that their relationship with the Communist parties has been related.

>> Who killed Subhash Chandra Bose by Stalin and Britain’s Prime Minister Atlee, it becomes evident by turning the pages of history.

>> Pandit Nehru’s Defense Minister, Comrade Krishna Menon Because of these two comrades, India faced defeat in China in 1962, the result was that the land of Himalayan Terai, which includes Mansarovar, was captured by China.

Crushed by criticism Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said in anger: Hey! Hey, what’s wrong? In Ladakh and Aksai Chin, it does not grow up to grass then why are you so angry about this area?

This statement of Nehru did not tolerate senior Congress leader and former Defense Minister Mahavir Tyagi. He stood up from his seat and said: You do not understand the seriousness of the matter. If any area is barren then it is part of our homeland. Who can dare to hand it over to another country? My head is absolutely bald, then should I cut it off and hand it over to someone for friendship? What are you talking about

Nehru was badly shocked by the criticism of a senior leader of his own party. His face turned red and he got up and went out of the house after taking a shower. (We were enjoying this point of view in the press-gallery)

Rahul Gandhi is going out on a tour of Kailash Mansarovar. Kailash’s journey is a sample of devotion, but the motive is political. The Congress leaders are happy with Rahul’s visit. Congress feels that this is the right way to cut Hindutva from BJP. Rahul Gandhi’s Manasarovar visit is before the Lok Sabha elections. After this, the journey will start only after the general elections.

From August 31, Rahul Gandhi is going to China via Tibet to Manasarovar. About fifteen days Rahul Gandhi will stay away from active politics. Through this journey Rahul Gandhi will try to show his polymorphism

At the time of Indira Gandhi, the entire government was in the position of KGB of Russia. At that time KGB’s Chief Officer in Delhi was the President Putin of Russia.

Indira Gandhi’s Keecha was also a possession of communist ideology.

Rajiv Gandhi’s bodyguards were also called from Rasia.

Sonia Gandhi’s father was also involved in Mussolini’s party. He was kept in a prison in Russia for some time.

So, now in relation to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet house arrest, about the urban Maoists or Maoist supporters, who are also being called protectors of human rights. It becomes evident that Rahul Gandhi is also walking on the footprints of his grandfather, grandmother and parents.

Today, on the instructions of Rahul Gandhi, Divya Ramya has tweeted in which he has also named the Sangh as a Muslim Brotherhood. RSS is poison for Rahul Gandhi and Congress and ISIS is Amrit and ISI is oxygen.