Former Congress Minister AK Antony’s committee had clarified to the Congress leadership that the public understands the Congress party as a Muslim party. It is necessary to erase this image.

After this report, from the time of the Gujarat assembly election, Firoz Khan’s grandson Rahul Gandhi Janayogari became a multicultural Brahmin and started calling himself Ram Bhakt and started knocking on temple-temple doors.

After this, during the Karnataka assembly elections, on one hand, they conspired to separate Lingayat from Hinduism in Karnataka and on the other hand they had come to visit the temples, allegedly eating eggs.

Not only that, they started calling themselves Ram devotees and Shivakbhak too. It is notable that it was remarkable that Christian Ambika Soni, who was minister in the UPA regime on Sonia Gandhi’s direction, filed an affidavit on behalf of the UPA government in the Supreme Court saying that Ram is hypothetical, she is not a historical person, she has no celebrity.

Congress is a Muslim party, it is unable to forget itself because she understands that her life is only air-Muslim politics. A video of Kamal Nath had been viral a few days back in social media, in which he is telling the present Muslim community that he would be cautious till the election, who will deal with those who talked about Hindutva later on.

Kamal Nath is telling representatives of Muslim society, “There is a need to be alert and alert at this time. These people will try to engage you (Muslims). We will deal with them later, till the voting, you will have to endure everything.

On this statement of Kamal Nath, BJP state president Rakesh Singh says, “Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Kamal Nath are all one thing, targeting nationalist organizations, because BJP talks about nationalism, BJP takes nationalist organizations together , Which makes the whole country look forward to stopping in a formula.

The Congress has always gained power in the country on the basis of ‘divide and rule’. That is why he, from time to time, attacks the nationalist organization like the Sangh and appeals to politics of appeasement.

Now the second part of this video is being viral in social media today:

The second part of Kamal Nath’s viral video came in front, Muslims demanded 90 percent votes,

There is another section of the alleged video that allegedly demanded votes from the Muslim community on the basis of religion. This video shows that Kamal Nath is trying to connect the Muslim vote with the Congress on the basis of religion. In the video, Kamal Nath has seen people interpret math of Muslim votes.

In the new part of this video, Kamal Nath is asking people of Muslim society, explaining the booth’s math, that only 50 per cent voting was cast on the Muslim booths in the last election. At the same time, they are also saying that it is the responsibility of Muslim leaders that 90% of the voting on Muslim booths will be held.

In a secret meeting 7 weeks before the Madhya Pradesh elections, Congress announced that if Congress does not get 90 percent of Muslim vote, then Congress party will end.

The Congress leader also said in the meeting video: “Our leaders do not win by tribal or tribal votes. They are 23 loops, it can grow up to 24 degrees. That’s why I am talking about the importance of other communities. BJP also goes to tribal communities, so the vote gets, he said that it is another community that helps us win. So we have to see what is math. We want that many people in the community stand for election. ÓO

Kamal Nath also said in the video that 80% of Muslim votes will be insufficient for Congress, and only 90% vote will save them, and to enable it, whatever they can do to the voters, they should go to the polling station in the polling station. To find. He further said that all these elections should be done before the implementation of code of conduct.

Today Mahbuba Mufti has written a letter to the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir on Sonia Gandhi’s instructions in which he has said that he will form the government in Jammu Kashmir, together with the National Conference of Omar Abdullah and Firoz Khan’s grandson Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party. It is clear from the point that at Pakistan’s point of view, he is plotting to make a government in Kashmir and is plotting to gift it to Pakistan in the same manner as Pandit Nehru gifted gift to Pakistan in 1947.

Conscious of the conspiracy of nationalist people, it is necessary to maintain the unity of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.