PakPart Rahul Gandhi and CM of China Parvez K. Vijayan conspiring to defame India Trying to divide the country on casteism and to create separatism. These anti-national acts for votes are inappropriate.

Rahul Gandhi has given ISIS certification in Germany saying that the current Modi government of India is creating unemployment, which is ISIS job giving organization?

They said that the reason for mobs lining was also unemployment. Not only that, according to him, the situation of civil war in India and the cause of the rise of ISIS are unemployed.

Even today in the UK, Rahul Gandhi gave oxygen to these elements, which have flourished in Pakistan by giving similar statements today. He has done with the RSS’s Tulu Brotherhood Organization.

Encouraged by the Pakistan-funded Hurriyat, separatist elements throw stones at the Indian army. At that time, infiltrated terrorists from Pakistan often attack Amarnath pilgrims.

The way Kashmir and ISI flags are being wiped by the said separatist elements in Kashmir, in the same way, the separatist elements are involved in violent action by the assassination of the Congress and other opposition parties in other areas of India.

Today news of attack on Kadiyadis in Malpura of Tonk and Bareilly has been received. It is worth mentioning here that this Malpura region of Rahul Gandhi’s guide Ashok Gehlot is dear. Only Gehlot has been able to get the culprit active at all times. Earlier, violent riots have taken place and anti-India slogans have been floating by blowing the ISI and Pak’s flag.

This incident has happened in Bareilly too today. The people are careful about Rahul Gandhi’s speeches that disrespect India and dissolve the unity of the country and the false rumors of CM Vijayan of Kerala and keep the unity in the country.