Considering the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Congress has taken a grip on Rahul Gandhi’s direction. It seems that one of his ready-made trainers in the Parliament, Rahul Gandhi has presented the scene of the eyeball micholli and the throats.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi may have given this mantra to the people of Congress that to celebrate the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, come face-to-neck like Valentine’s Day and celebrate the eye-catching Mikholi festival. Will this make the Congress more than fifty in its Lok Sabha seats?

Today, posters have been set up by Congress in Mumbai; Rahul Gandhi’s footsteps are seen on the one hand and the portrait of Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi on the other. It is written down there will not win with love with hate.

Following the direction of Congress president’s direction, during the debate in the TV channel, Congress spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi presented the BJP spokesman to the concerned Patra.

Looking at this scene, I remember many types of visas which we all see often. Many times, the drug addicts on the street roaming around different types of activities, from them, there is also a need to say that they should get embroiled and spread.

In the same way I have seen that some youths at the school college or at the crossroads stand for some special times, when girls have time to go and visit their girls. The boys can often be seen while doing such acts, such as eyeballing and thinning.

In Uttar Pradesh also the Romeo Squad was built by the Chief Minister Yogi. Manchals were not good at that time. Romeo was related to Italy, so it was also opposed by the Congress.

Later, the clarification was given by the government that if a young man is voluntarily going to be a sibling or a friend, then they should not be considered as friendly.

It does not mean there is no one-sided love and it is not even a lol. Even in films, we have seen that many scenes of one-sided love have been seen. Dharmendra has flown up in a water tank in the famous famous film Sholay.

The crime incidents of one-sided love also continue to be read in newspapers every day. Two or three days ago a forum had abducted a model and closed it in the room.

The incident happened a few days ago, a written army officer killed his friend, the army officer’s wife, in the car and killed him. The reason was simply that the married woman was not willing to marry the officer even though she loved him.

Not all can be Pandit Nehru and Advina or Mahatma Gandhi and Sarla Chowdhury. Their love is said to be that spiritual love was not spiritual love.

When Indira Gandhi wanted to marry Feroze Gandhi, she did not like any member of the Nehru family. In the end, Pandit Nehru asked Indira Ji to seek advice from Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi gave many reasons for not marrying Feroze Gandhi but when he saw that Indira Gandhi was unwavering. Have a good marriage but do not have a physical relationship. Have a spiritual connection.

After watching this picture, I am reminded of the scenes of many events.

The one-sided behavior of this kind of freedom of expression often keeps on doing this. We saw that many times the effort to wear a Muslim cap has been done by many Maulana BJP leaders. It is possible that another attempt has been made to force a Muslim leader to force a Muslim.

This type of objection could have been slightly marginalized if Rahul Gandhi did not do it in Parliament and at another place. But this act was done by them in the temple of a democracy like Parliament, it happened in the same way as if going to a temple and doing such acts.

It is okay to do this with the Prime Minister Modi. But Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal did not come to the rescue. When Rahul went to his seat and sat down, Harsimrat stood up and began to say loudly – this is Parliament, there is no area of Munnabhai’s Pappi-Zappi. However, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan calmed Harsimrat.

If the elderly leaders of Congress and Sonia Gandhi did not stop Rahul Gandhi’s type of antics, then it may be tomorrow that they should also make such a move to a woman parliament chairperson or Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Speaker.

Many times Congress and other opposition leaders have thrown the pieces of paper and thrown them on the Lok Sabha Speaker. Therefore it is necessary to stop such objections and to close it if possible.

Every country has different culture of every society. There are several reasons for this being different culture. When we go abroad, it is often disclosed by the Ministry of External Affairs that study the culture of where we go and behave accordingly. I’m just giving this example: It’s culture in Italy, which means love is kissed by every one If anybody comes to India to follow the same culture then he will be called inappropriate.

Similarly, when a student is studied abroad, even if he reads it, that country has to understand that it is necessary to understand everything in the education world. When this teacher teaches in a class, the behavior of the student at that time is appropriate, if any foreign student comes to India, it is appropriate but he will behave according to the method of his country which is considered to be unfair or indescribable. So that student will not be able to read it here.

Subramaniam Swami ji has asked Modiji whether he is satirized or asked for some reason, medical test